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San Francisco/Golden Gate

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Golden Gate Bridge
====Visitor centers and museums====
* <see name="Arion Press" alt="" address="1802 Hays St" directions="at Belles St" phone="+1 415 668-2542" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 415 668-2550" url="" hours="Tours: Th 3PM3:30PM" price="Tours: $710" lat="" long="1:30 HS" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 415 668-2550">Arion Press is considered the best publisher of fine press books in the nation. They offer tours of their gallery, which has a large collection of limited edition books and prints; and of the production facility, including the pressroom and the typefoundary that contains the oldest hot metal type foundry in the country.</see>
* <see name="Battery Chamberlin" alt="" address="Battery Chamberlin Rd" directions="" phone="+1 415 561-4323" email="" fax="" url="" hours="On the first full weekend of each month, between 11AM-3PM, you can take part in demonstrations of the gun and visit a small seacoast defense museum at the battery" price="Free">Battery Chamberlin, built near Baker Beach in 1904, was constructed as part of a modernization effort to accommodate the lighter, stronger, more powerful coastal defense weapons developed in the 1880s. Today Battery Chamberlin holds the last 6-inch "disappearing gun" of its type on the West Coast.</see>
* <see name="Crissy Field Center" alt="" address="603 Mason St1199 East Beach" directions="on the corner of Mason St and Halleck overlooking the marsh" phone="+1 415 561-7690" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 415 561-7695" url="" hours="Daily 9AM-5PM" price="Free">The Crissy Field Center includes an activity area, learning and computer labs, a teaching kitchen, library, and an information area and bookstore. The center offers a rich array of education programs that serve the entire San Francisco community. Focusing on the convergence of Urban and Natural Environments, educational programs and activities promote multicultural perspectives, environmental stewardship, and community service. They also have a small cafe inside the premises serving up organic, locally sourced food.</see>
* <see name="Exploratorium" alt="" address="3601 Lyon St" directions="at Jefferson St" phone="+1 415 397-5673" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 415 561-0307" url="" hours="Tu-Su 10AM-5PM" price="Adults: $1425 adults, discounts for youth, Students/seniors/teens: $11, Children: $9students, teachers, Children under age 3: Free (Free on the disabled and Bay Area residents; first Wednesday of each the month)is free" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 415 561-0307">A great kid friendly option, with lots of interactive exhibits teaching about science, with intriguing displays about the mind, natural systems, sound, sight, and much much more. Through January 2, 2013, the Exploratorium will remain in the Palace of Fine Arts; in spring 2013, it will relocate to a new home in Pier 15 on the Embarcadero.</see>
* <see name="Fort Point National Historic Site" alt="" address="Marine Dr" directions="Long Ave and Marine Dr" phone="+1 415 556-1693" email="" fax="" url="" hours="Video orientations, guided tours, self-guiding materials, exhibits, and publication sales are offered Th-M 10AM-5PM" price="Free">From its vantage point overlooking the spectacular Golden Gate, Fort Point protected San Francisco harbor from Confederate and foreign attack during and after the U.S. Civil War. Its beautifully arched casemates display the art of the master brick masons of the Civil War period. It is best approached from the Marina District along the water through the kites and bay-views of the connected Crissy Field Park.</see>
* <see name="Old Post Hospital" alt="" address="Funston Ave" directions="at Lincoln Blvd" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="Free">Built in 1864, it displays both Italianate and Greek Revival architectural styles. Constructed during the Civil War, it is one of the oldest standing buildings on the Presidio. The original structure was modified by adding wings and enclosing the porches. In 1897, an octagonal surgical tower with windows on all sides was added to provide a well-lit operating room.</see>
* <see name="Palace of Fine Arts" alt="" address="3301 Lyon St" directions="at Bay St" phone="+1 415 567-6642" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 415 567-4062" url="" hours="6AM-9PM daily" price="Free" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 415 567-4062">The only structure remaining from the 1915 World's Fair, it features a classical Roman rotunda (1,100 feet wide, 162 feet high) with curved colonnades (30 Corinthian columns frame a wide walkway in the colonnade) situated in a idyllic park setting with a classical European-Style lagoon. It's a great place to unwind, have a picnic, and watch the swans float elegantly by. It also has a theater offering a variety of shows, musical and cultural events. As of July 2008, it is being renovated.</see>
* <see name="Post Interfaith Chapel" alt="" address="Fisher Loop, Building 130" directions="near Infantry Terrace" phone="+1 415 561-3930" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="M-Th 10AM-2PM, Su 10AM-1PM" price="Free">Built in the early 1930s, this cruciform-shaped sanctuary is a fine example of Spanish Colonial Revival style architecture, with features that embellished early mission churches. Stained glass windows depict virtues of military character, and a large wall mural by Victor Arnautoff (famed Coit Tower muralist) depicts the peacetime activities of the Army.</see>
[[Image:crissyfield.jpg|print=float|thumb|300px|''"Dedicated to those who find this park a beautiful place to dream"'']]
* <see name="Crissy Field Marsh and Beach" alt="" address="603 Mason St1199 East Beach" directions="" phone="+1 415 561-7690" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Known by many names &mdash; "The city's front yard" and "The Golden Gate promenade" &mdash; this used to be one of the country's most active and strategic military airstrips. Today, under the care the Golden Gate National Parks Association, the 28 acre site has been transformed into recreational space for joggers, cyclists, walkers, and picnickers. There is also a significant project underway to return 18 acres back to its original tidal marshlands. With this effort, Crissy Field is fast becoming a great place to see local wildlife such as migrating long-billed curlews, semipalmated plovers and western sandpipers.</see>
* <see name="El Polin Spring" alt="" address="El Polin Loop" directions="at the end of MacArthur Ave" phone="+1 415 561-4323" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">El Polin spring water bubbles from a rock wall at the head of this riparian valley. The spring provided a source of fresh water for the Spanish Presidio, and Spanish and Mexican families built their homes in this sheltered valley. Today, you can picnic in the bucolic meadows near the spring or explore the surrounding forest and grasslands.</see>
* <eat name="Greens Restaurant" alt="" address="Building A, Fort Mason Center" directions="Lower Fort Mason" phone="+1 415 771-6222" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 415 771-3472" url="" hours="M 5:30PM-9PM, Tu-Sa noon-2:30PM, 5:30PM-9PM, Su 10:30AM-2PM, 5:30PM-9PM" price="$16-$23">Located in Fort Mason, Greens organic vegetarian restaurant is a firm favorite among veggies and the health conscious. They have fresh, tasty international food that appeases all appetites (except for carnivorous ones of course!). Over the years it has become a bit of a local institution as its views over the water are hard to beat.</eat>
* <eat name="La Mediterranee" alt="" address="2210 Fillmore St" directions="at Sacramento St" phone="+1 415 921-2956" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 415 921-4061" url="" hours="Su-Th 11AM-10PM, F-Sa 11AM-11PM" price="$10-$15" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 415 921-4061">Serving up affordable Middle Eastern classics like quiche, hummos, pita bread, and kebabs. They also have a killer chocolate mousse.</eat>
* <eat name="Pacific Catch" alt="" address="2027 Chestnut St" directions="at Fillmore St" phone="+1 415 440-1950" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 415 873-1315" url="" hours="11AM-10PM daily" price="$11-$15">There isn't much seating in this place, but that doesn't seem to matter for the patrons that come here to taste Asian/Pacific cuisine. The tuna bowl comes highly recommended.</eat>
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