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Cedar Point

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Cedar Point is one of the oldest continuously operating amusement parks, having begun in the year 1870 as a beach resort on the shore of Lake Erie. Today it covers 364 acres and is home to some of the tallest, fastest rides in the world including '''Top Thrill Dragster''' and '''Millenium Force''' which are considered by many to be the best feeling in the world (make sure you keep your hands up throughout the entire ride). All up it contains more than 75 rides. Without doubt Cedar Point is the best amusement park in the world. It is a '''MUST''' for any serious thrillseeker out there with the second largest number of roller coasters ever found in a single amusement park (17 altogether with the opening of Maverick in 2007and second to Six Flags Magic Mountain with 18). Although its primary attraction is the assortment of coasters, the park has rides and other attractions, including kiddie rides, water rides, a traditional arcade, award-winning musical shows, and a PEANUTS-themed ice skating show, etc. The park also offers access to the lovely beach on Lake Erie -- something which has been attracting visitors since its inception.
Two separate attractions are part of Cedar Point but not included in the general admission. '''Soak City''' is an outdoor water park; '''Castaway Bay''' is an elaborate indoor waterpark. '''Challenge Park''' features four attractions: 'Ripcord,' 'Skyscraper,' 'Challenge Racing' go kart tracks, and 'Challenge Golf', a fantasy miniature golf course.
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