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Mount Roraima

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The tepuy's steep sides, surrounding rainforest, and altitude at summit create a unique climatic environment that is most notable for its changeability. Moist air rising off the surrounding rainforest in the tropical heat creates heavy rain clouds that billow up and across the summit of Roraima causing frequent showers and downpours. Due to the altitude, nights on the summit are cool. You may find yopurself having to ascend or descend the path up the cliff in heavy rain in which case there will be torrents of water rushing down the track and waterfalls in the upper areas that will hit you like a fire hose. You may also need to wait at river crossings until the river level goes down. Your guide will help you.
==Get in==
==Sleep==It gets cold and wet on Roraima. There are about 10 habitable caves on the plateau in which one camps. This is very welcome but in peak periods the caves are all occupied and there is plenty of evidence of tents being pitched on the flatter stone pavement with stones to secure guy ropes.
You'll need to join a tour to climb to the summit of Roraima, but select your tour company carefully. '''Backpackers Tours''' comes well recommended by other travelers and offers good food, tents and guide. 'Aponwau Tours', on the other hand, may be the cheapest option but is reportedly a false economy: reports of broken stoves, shoddy equipment and a shortage of food.
Try to get a written contract from any company before paying.
==Stay safe== I had very bad diarrhea on the return trip. Hygeine standards suffer in difficult conditions and the two camps before the base of the cliffs are not models of hygeine. Be very careful as travellers diarrhea can persist after it seems cured and is debiltating. ==Get out==
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