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Kathmandu Valley

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* [[Kathmandu]] * [[Boudhanath]] - including (Boudha) Largest Buddhist Stupa in Tibet, a very important place of pilgrimage & meditation for Tibetan Buddhists, local Nepalis, & tourists. Dozens of Buddhist Monasteries/nunneries are in the suburb area. * [[BoudhanathBhaktapur]]-City of Devotees. No motorized vehicles in the city. Walk or ride bicycles only.* [[BhaktapurKhokana]]-"Khokana is a unique village which can be taken as a model of a medieval settlement pattern with a system of drainage and chowks. It houses chaityas and a Mother Goddess temple. The mustard-oil seed industry has become the living heritage of the village." UNESCO World Heritage.
* [[Bungmati]]
* [[Chapagaon]]
* [[Chobhar]] - Ancient hill village, origins from the 12th century.
* [[Daksinkali]] - Holy river gorge and site of weekly animal sacrifices. Hindu temple complex south of Kathmandu on the Bagmati River where it enters a gorge through the Mahabharat Range
* [[DhulikelDhulikhel]] - Small town 30km south-east of Kathmandu in the heart of small hills and green valleys - perfect startpoint for short hikes. Try a 3-hours walk to the hill-top monastery of [http://www[Namo Buddha]].namo* [[Panauti]] -buddhaone of the oldest towns in Nepal, consisting of many temples dating back to the 15th Century or* [[Kirtipur]] - is one of the oldest settlements in the Kathmandu Valley.html Namobuddha Monastery]Located right next to Patan. * [[KirtipurKakani]]* [[Nagarkot]]- (altitude: 2,000 m). Approximately 30 kms away from Kathmandu by car. It is just the place for a quick getaway from the bustling capital for some relaxation and outdoor activities. A great place to watch the sunrise* [[Changunarayan]] - small village and home to the ancient temple of Changu Narayan which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kathmandu Valley.
* [[Parping]] - sacred caves associated with Guru Rinpoche, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism.
* [[Patan]] - next to [[Kathmandu]], with many attractionsHistoric, Beautiful Patan Durbar Square was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979.
==Other destinations==
* [[Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park]] - a Nepalese protected area at the north side the Kathmandu valleyvalleys* [[Pokhara]] - Popular lakeside tourist town 200 km west of Kathmandu and trekking centre. Has great views of snow capped mountains + lots of restaurants and clubs.
==Get in==
Air or Bus
==Get around==
Hire a taxi and or ride the buses to get around the Kathmandu Valley. ===Nepal=== Nepal Tourism Board - lots of info about Kathmandu valley for tourists:
* '''Adithnath Temple''' - Renovated in the 15th Cent., Adithnath is sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists.
* '''[[Boudhanath]]''' - Sacred buddhist site - the largest Buddhist Stupa in [[Nepal]]home to dozens of monasteries & nunneries.
* '''Chobhar Caves''' - Tectonic Limestone formations measuring some 1250 meters.
* '''Chobhar Gorge''' - Gorge through which all the waters of Kathmandu Lake were drained.
* '''Gorkhanath Caves'''
* '''Pashpatinath''' - Sacred Hindu place on the river with temples, monkees, & royal cremation ghats.
* '''Swayambhunath''' - the monkey temple in [[Kathmandu]].
Lots of travel agents who can help plan iteneraries
Bring your manners with you. Tip those who serve you generously. Don't take people's pictures without their permission.
*'''Meditation and/or yoga''' plenty of classes in many areas - see below, also look for notices or ask around. * '''A few words of Nepali''' "Don Knee Batt" =thank you. They say "Namaste" as a greeting or farewell - no more than once a day. A not watered down translation: the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you. ==Buddhism===
*'''Rangjung Yeshe Institute''', [http://www.shedraryi.comorg]. An international institute for Buddhist higher studies in [[Baudha]] - modeled on a traditional Tibetan Buddhist College. The Institute is affiliated with Kathmandu University, and located on the premises of the monastery Ka-Nying [short for "Kagyu and Nyingma"] Shedrup Ling. It offers bachelors and masters degrees in Buddhist Studies with Himalayan Language (Tibetan, Nepali, and Sanskrit), as well as six week stand alone intensive courses in each.
*'''Kopan Monastery''', []. Founded by Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa as the core of what has become an international network of Gelugpa dharma centers, the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT). Located near Baudha, Kopan offers ten-day meditation courses regularly throughout the year, and a month-long course (for which it is famous) every November-to-December. Reservations are necessary.
===Meditation Courses===
*'''Pathik Foundation''', []. Meditation, Ancient Yog Methods discovered by various Saints from Eastern and Western world (Gautam Buddha, Guru Nanak, Meera Bai, Saheb Kabir, Osho .....), Practice of Collective Living for Higher Conciousness. (Dhawalagiri Avash Chetra, Matatirtha, Satungal) '''Patron : Dr. T.N. Pathik'''*'''Nepal Vipassana Centers''', []. Vipassana Meditation (a popular Buddhist Meditation) as taught by S. N. Goenka.
*'''Osho Tapoban Forest Retreat''', []. Nagarjun Forest (Raniban).
*'''Patanjali Yoga Center''', []. The first residential school of Yoga in Nepal.
*'''Satyananda Yoga Centre''', []. Group and individual courses. Yoga Camps.
*'''Yoga With Chintamani''' []. Individual yoga tuition, group classes and a wide range yogic services from Dr Chintamani Gautam (Nepal's 1st PhD in yoga). See website for retreat centres.
===Massage Courses===

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