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===By car===
Autostrada A12, uscita ''Livorno''; for maps and tolls see: [] (no pages in English as per 14 November 2004).
===By bus===
If hoping for maximum time in Florence...
* Take an ''early'' cab (perhaps shared with another couple) from your ship to and from the Livorno train station.
* At the station, ask for a train that goes to the Firenze Santa Maria Novella. Locals will happily help. For a complete article see [].
==Get around==
Bus number 1 is a shuttle from train station to the port and vice-versa. Ticket for one hour of travel is 1,00 Euros, daily ticket is 3,20 Euros. For self-reliant cruise passengers, this is part of the most economical way to reach trains to Pisa and Florence. A map is online [].
* Quattro Mori
* Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori []
* Old English Cemetery (Oldest in Italy, open on reservation). For info call Misericordia: 0586/897324 or write an email to [mailto:[email protected]] Association Livorno delle Nazioni.
* Acquario Comunale "D. Cestoni" [] (closed: work in progress)
* '''Tuscan islands''' []
* Funicolare di Montenero [] one of the few cable railways still in service (another one is in [[Montecatini Terme]] near [[Pistoia]].
*<do name="The Venice Neighborhood ( Quartiere La Venezia In Italian language )" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">The Venice Neighborhood ( "La Venezia" in Italian ). The name of this nighborhood is Venice cause of is like or is similar to the city of Venice . It's surrounded by canals and it''s one of the oldest and most beautiful part of the city . In this area , especially in Summer , you can stop at the tables of some locals to enjoy a beer or a delicous typical food . In this area there is also the old " San Giovannimarco's spa''' [http://wwwTheatre in which the Italian Communist Party was born in 1921]: You can see a great prospective of the neighborhood from the San Giovanni Spabeautiful square " Piazza della Repubblica " , overlooking the Gulf second square/bridge biggest of Portoferraio, stands on an area Europe. The big Dome of 5 hectares the " Chiesa dei Dominicani " ( Dominican Church ) marks the center of marshland which yields a silt with high therapeutic potentialVenice Neighborhood . Follow the dome to get inside from Piazza della Repubblica and enjoy walking close to the channels , making this spa establishment in the only Thalassotherapy centre in beautiful and elegant " Via Borra " and inside all the Western Mediterranean. little street of this beautiful neighborhood</do>
=== Spas ===
==Do== === Spas ===*'''San Giovanni's spa''' []: the San Giovanni Spa, overlooking the Gulf of Portoferraio, stands on an area of 5 hectares of marshland which yields a silt with high therapeutic potential, making this spa establishment the only Thalassotherapy centre in the Western Mediterranean.
*'''Venturina's spa''' []: the thermal waters Venturina were known by the Etruscans and Romans, hence the name "Aquae Populoniae. Flow in 45 ° Celsius throughout the year, with constant flow, and are classified as calcium-magnesium-sulphate-bicarbonate-alkalines.
* Cacciucco - fish stew
* Riso Nero - Black RiseRice -(Risotto darkened with squid ink)
* Trattoria Sottomarino, Via dei Terrazzini 48/50 - ph. ''+39 0586'' 887025 - Close to Piazza della Repubblica and Fortezza Nuova (Venezia District). Fish cuisine, don't miss the gorgeous ''cacciucco'' - Closed on MO and TU.
* Cantina Senese in [], Borgo Cappucino Cappuccini 95 - ph. ''+39 0586'' 211604 - famous for Caccucio Caccuccio and Black RiseRice

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