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Stay safe
Keep in mind that the Hamburg police wear dark-blue uniforms, unlike the federal German police and many of the other state police forces in Germany, which still wear green uniforms.
Bathing in the Elbe river is possible, but of course, keep out of the way of ships. Swimmers can be effected affected and even totally submerged by the waterdrift caused by oceanliners. Furthermore stay away from structures in the river and absolutely avoid the area about 50 m around those reaching into the river.
Strong underwater swirls going down as deep as 10-15 m even close to the beach may pull even the strongest swimmers below surface. When staying on a beach down the river, place yourself several meters away from the water and keep an eye on children playing in or near the water. Container ships passing by sometimes create surprisingly large waves that not only wet your feet on the beach, but may also pull you into the Elbe.
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