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# '''The scenic route:''' Enter at the gully. Descend to 14m at the heads, and swim roughly East, keeping the shore wall to your right until you get to the swim-through. After the swim-through keep the pinnacle wall on your left until facing North West. Keep the reef on your left and follow it out for about 60m until it ends. This is about the half way mark. Swim around the reef anticlockwise on a bearing of roughly 210° magnetic. When the high reef runs out swim about 180° magnetic until you reach the shore wall, turn right and follow the shore wall back to the boulder at 14m where the wall turns sharp right at the gully mouth. Do your safety stop at the mouth of the gully unless the surge is uncomfortable. You can surface at the mouth of the gully, or swim in along the gully and try to find the side gully to the right which is the entry and exit area. This is quite shallow, and usually full if kelp. This is quite a long dive if you like to take your time. Allow 45 minutes to an hour and a half. The distance is about 400m.
# '''The wall:''' Enter at the gully. Descend to 14m at the heads and swim keeping the wall on your left. The wall turns to the left and the bottom is shallower at the far end. This is a good area for a night dive as it is easy to find your way back. Bottom depth at the wall is about 12m. This area is close to the exit point, which can be found by retracing your track back to the gully. Allow about 5 to 10 minutes for a return to the gully from the far end of the wall. This is a short route, and the point is to spend the time looking at critters on the wall. Total distance about 250 to 300m.
# '''The cave:''' The cave is not particularly easy to find underwater, as the landmarks in the area are rather similar, so it is suggested that you swim to the cave on the surface and return along the bottom, keeping the reef to your left and passing through the swim-through on your way back to the gully mouth. The North entry is nearer to the cave and may be more convenient if you plan to dive only in this part of the site. If you choose to try to find the cave by swimming to it underwater, get down to about 8m depth from the north entry, or fromthe from the north side of the swimthrough, and keep the reef to your right until you find yourself in the gully. At the end of the gully, ascend over the sill of the cave mouth at about 5m and you will be in the cave. The distance from north entry to the cave and back is about 400m, and should not take more than about 45 minutes if you dont get lost. Quite a bit longer from the gully - about 350m each way.
==Stay safe==
There may be broken glass or other garbage on the path; use footwear.
There are baboons at Rooi-els. There have been no reports of them troubling divers ar at Percy's Hole, but take the usual precautions and don't leave food in sight, or car doors unlocked or windows open.
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