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Český Krumlov

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By train: - SporoTiket
===By train===
'''Czech Railways''' [] operates train service to Cesky Krumlov, via [[České Budějovice]]. From Prague '''Hlavní Nádraží''' train station ('''Praha hl.n.'''), the trip costs regular fare is CZK 250 (for two or more people, group rate, ''"skupinová sleva"'', is available, each extra person pays CZK 125). The online discount called ''"SporoTiket"'' [] gives you a price of CZK 160 to CZK 200. The train leaves every 2 hours, trip takes 3 hours 40 minutes and requires a transfer at [[České Budějovice]].
The train station in Český Krumlov is located north of the main square and the castle; the walk to the center is 15-20 minutes downhill. Taxis often wait in the parking lot for tired travelers - it may be worth the CZK 100 ride into town, especially at night.

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