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Lüneburg Heath

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[[Image:Karte Lueneburger Heide.png|thumb|250px|Map of the Lüneburg Heath area]]
The region has three Lüneburg Heath is divided into five major nature parksnatural areas:* The '''Elbe Heights-Wendland Nature ParkHigh Heath''' (''Naturpark Elbhöhen-WendlandHohe Heide'') to in the centre is largely preserved as heathland and is more rugged than elsewhere. This is heart of the east along region, where the River Elbe* The '''Lüneburg Heath Nature Park''' (''Naturpark Lüneburger Heide'') has been established.* The '''South Heath''' (''Südheide'') in the centresouth towards Celle, with the '''South Heath Nature Park''' (''Naturpark Südheide''), is heavily wooded with areas of open heathland.* The '''South East Heath ''' (''Ostheide'') much of which is cultivated. In the north is the '''Elbe Heights-Wendland Nature Park''' (''Naturpark SüdheideElbhöhen-Wendland'') along the River Elbe* The '''Uelzen Basin and Ilmenau Depression''' is a largely agricultural region sandwiched between the High and East Heaths.* The '''Luhe Heath''' (''Luheheide'') in the southnorth with wooded ridges split by rivers draining northwards into the Elbe.

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