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South Korea

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Respect: I think its worth a mention in some way, as we do not want people ending up offending their Korean hosts. But feel free to edit it to make it sound more neutral.
* Koreans in general have very strong nationalistic views and would view any criticism of their country with varying degrees of hostility. To avoid getting into the bad books of your hosts, it is advisable to praise the country or, at least, to avoid bringing up anything negative about it.
* Avoiding associating any aspects of Korean culture with Chinese or (even more so) Japanese culture. Many Koreans still hold a certain degree of resentment towards China and Japan due to previous periods of occupation, and would feel very offended if anything about their country is associated with the Chinese or Japanese in even the slightest way.
* Avoid bringing up the Japanese occupation, the Liancourt Rocks, the Korean war of the early 1950s and US foreign policy, as these delicate topics are likely to get you on someone's bad side and can lead to intense debates, use of negative epithets, or even violence.
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