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Tetouan enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. The average summer temperature is 35 degrees Celcius, while the average winter temperature is a wholly comfortable 22 degrees Celcius.
The city boats boasts an amazing amount of annual sunshine.
* The '''Medina''' is a [[UNESCO World Heritage List|UNESCO World Heritage Site]]. Unlike any other Moroccan Medina, Tetouan offers a unique perspective on the multicultural history of northern Morocco and, because of it's relatively small size, it offers visitors a chance to explore without getting hopelessly lost. There are three distinct sections of the Medina, the Andalusian, the Jewish, and the Berber sections, though the untrained eye might have trouble distinguishing between the three. Be sure to hire a guide and you'll enjoy the medina that much more.
* '''Mohammed V Ave'''. a A pedestrian only road in the center. Filled with people in the evenings, after the day's heat has passed. Mohammed V is filled with dozens of cafes, teleboutiques, restaurants, tourist shops, and street vendors. Further down the street you'll find a used book sellers, offering books in a wide variety of languages, and then the king's palace.
* Birjiss
* <eat name="Pannini" alt="" address="5-6 Ave Mohammed Ben Aboud" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="13-20 dh for a sandwich" lat="" long="">Small shop offering sandwiches made to order. Pick your fillings: meats, veggies, sauces, etc. Baguette sandwiches start at 13 dh (unless you get a small), and paninis are about 20 dh.</eat>
* Jenin
*<eat name="Blanco Riad" alt="" address="25 rue Zawiya Kadiria" directions="" phone="0539704202" url="" hours="" price="160 dh for 3 course menu" lat="" long="">Nice restaurant located inside hotel, but open to non-guests. Offers 3-course menu of delicious local foods for 160 dh. Need to order in advance, so stop by or call at least 30 minutes ahead of time.</eat>
*<eat name="Dallas" alt="" address="11 Rue Youssef Ben Tachfine" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Small teashop/patisserie with lots of sweets and baked goods on offer. Brownies for 5 dh; croissants 2 dh; pot of (very sweet) tea 8 dh. Small, somewhat dark seating area in the back, filled with both women and men.</eat>
Asolutely made in tetouan,Za3Za3 or ZaâZaâ is one of the most known juice that you can degust, itlocally famous juices. It's some a kind of milk-shake with avocado,banana ,apple,some almond almonds, and moresome other ingredients.
* Hotel Panorama
* Hotel Iberia, pension above a bank on Place Moulay el Mehdi, single 60 DH, double 100 DH, shared bathrooms, free WiFi
* Hotel Principe
* El bico
*<sleep name="Blanco Riad" alt="" address="25 rue Zawiya Kadiria" directions="" phone="0539704202" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="60-160 euros/night" lat="" long="">Beautiful hotel in a restored riad with lovely touches, such as stained glass windows on room doors. Located just inside the medina. Friendly staff, nice garden area with a resident turtle, and good restaurant. Free breakfast and wifi. Small double rooms are 60 euros/night, larger ones are 90 euros, and one large suite is offered at 160 euros. </sleep>
*<sleep name="Dar Rehla" alt="" address="Derb Habibi 3 Niyarin" directions="" phone="539701150" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="50-60 euros/night for a double room" lat="" long="">A typical guesthouse hotel in a restored house or dar . Breakfast included and free wifi available. </sleep>
==Stay safe==
[[pt: Tétouan]]
[[pt: Tétouan]]
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