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Get in
===By car===
Take the A13 from [[Paris]] to Bonnières, then the D201 to Vernon , where you cross the river Seine- look . Look for signs....
===By train===
Take the train from Paris Gare St-Lazare to Vernon (journey time 45 minutesmin; see [ SNCF]), : then take a taxi, bus, or bicycle (€4.00 return ticket) to the village. The bus service is timed to link with the train and a combined ticket can be obtained at Gare St-Lazare.[].  The bicyle can be rented from a cafe right outside the train station and is indicated by a sign. The rental fee is approx. around 12€ and the bike ride is about 4 miles mi with a directional map provided by the cafe.
===By bus===
[ Bus and minibus trips run from Paris to Giverny] as a half-day tour, and to Giverny and Versailles as a full-day tour. Every every day except Monday.
==Get around==
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