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[[Image:Carboardbird-wikitraveling-ontheroad.jpg|thumb|350px|right|Give me a notebook, a map and a road.]]
Cardboardbird follows the lesser worn path. For now I call [[Kalgoorlie-Boulder|Kalgoorlie]] in Western Australia home.
{{Babel-2|en|zh-1}}Cardboardbird follows Most of the lesser worn pathinfo I contribute is gathered while in the destination. For now I call [[Kalgoorlie-Boulder|Kalgoorlie]] in Western Australia home'm an admin. I prefer to edit than revert, but I'd much rather be writing for pages on my current projects list.
Most of the info I contribute is gathered first hand while in Malcolm Douglas and the destination itself, but I sometimes do a bit of fact checking online Layland Brothers are to blame for history, phone numbers and the likemy travel bug.
==Current projects==
*[[Cape Le Grand National Park]]
*[[Chiang Mai]]
*[[Western_Australia|Western Australia]]
==Completed projects==
==Pages to which I've contributed more than a few words==
'''Australia''': [[Western_Australia|Western Australia]], [[Perth]], [[Kununurra]], [[Wyndham]], [[Warmun]], [[Jurien_Bay|Jurien Bay]], [[Kalgoorlie-Boulder]], [[Kambalda]], [[Menzies]]
'''China''': [[Kaifeng]], [[Tiger_Leaping_Gorge | Tiger Leaping Gorge]], [[Ya'an]], [[Hongcun]], [[Changzhou]] [[Suzhou]], [[Nanjing]], [[Xining]], [[Tongren]], [[Xiahe]]
==Places I have travelled to and/or lived in==
* [[Western_Australia|Western Australia]] (Perth, Kununurra, Broome, Derby, Esperance, Denmark, Walpole, Dwellingup, Pinjarrah,Coolgardie, York, Merridin, Kalgoorlie, Coolgardie, Leonora, Menzies, Kambalda)
* [[Northern_Territory|Northern Territory]] (Katherine, Mataranka)
* [[New_South_Wales|New South Wales]] (Sydney, Katoomba, Wollongong)

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