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[[Image:FalunSwedenJake73.jpg|thumb|right|400px|Kristine Church and the Engelbrekt statue, Main Square]]
'''Falun''' [] is the administrative center of the [[Dalarna]] province in [[Sweden]]. It's the second most populous town in the area with over 55about 37,000 inhabitants, slightly more than about three quarter of its close neighbor [[Borlänge]]with 50,000 inhabitants.
The train station is situated a five minutes walk from the city center and is served by the main train company '''SJ''' for connections to Stockholm. The local/regional connections are served by '''Tåg i Bergslagen/Tågkompaniet'''. Railway tickets can be bought at the SJ website [] or Tågkompaniet (only in Swedish) [] All tickets are available on both sites.
You have to be prepared to change train or to a bus from the city of [[Borlänge]] for the last few kilometers.
===By bus===
===By bus===
Falun is small enough to be explored on foot, however there is a local '''bus''' network handled by '''Dalatrafik''' []. The price for a bus ticket is 22 25 SEK for adults and 17 20 SEK for children. Infants travel for free.
===By bike===
[[Image:GreatPitFalunJake73.jpg|thumb|right|300px|The mining museum (yellow building), near the edge of the Great Pit. Central Falun is in the background.]]
The mine, known as the '''Great Copper Mountain''' [http://www.kopparbergetfalugruva.comse/en/], and its surroundings were added to the [[UNESCO World Heritage List]] in December 2001 - a must-see when in Falun. The mine was an important source of copper for an entire millennium until mining ended December 8, 1992. Part of it is still open for visitors with a guide. The interesting tour, with English translation available upon request, takes about an hour and visitors are taken 65 meters underground.
Annual '''events''' include:
*'''The Runn Days''' ''(Runndagarna)''[], on and around lake Runn. Has a winter edition one weekend in mid-February ''(2007: February 17-18)'', with tour skating, curling and other ice activities. The summer edition takes place on a weekend mid-August and features boat trips, music and general fun.*'''The Swedish Ski Games''' ''(Svenska Skidspelen)''[]. World Cup competitions of cross-country skiing. Takes place in the Lugnet area in March ''(2007: March 24-25).''*'''The Falu Party''' ''(Falukalaset)''[], turning downtown Falun into a large market with vendors, carousels and entertainment. It takes place in early June ''(2007: May 30-June 3).''*'''The Copper Meet''' ''(Kopparträffen)''. Big meeting for motorcycle enthusiasts, around 500 riders gather every year. Includes a motorbike cortege through town, down into the Great Pit at the mine (no, it's not a lemming suicide; there are roads down to the bottom). Held late July every year ''(2007: July 21-22, cortege on the first day)''.*'''Falu Cruising'''. A vintage car procession through town, bringing car enthusiasts and almost everybody else out to watch the cars and the people in them. Arranged late July every year ''(2007: July 25)''. Starts at 6PM and goes on until midnight.*'''Falu Autumn Market''' ''(Falu höstmarknad)'', again turning the central parts into a market. Held late August/early September ''(2007: August 31-September 1)''
[[Image:Dala Horse and Falu Maiden by Jake73.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Dala Horse and Falu Maiden]]
{{eatpricerange|Under SEK 60|SEK 60-120|Over SEK 120}}
'''Self-catering''' is always the cheapest way to get a meal in Sweden and there's plenty of food stores in Falun where it's possible to stock up. If you're starving in the middle of the night, run to the '''Statoil''' gas petrol station which is open 24-7 and offers hot dogs and groceries. Fast food is also available at the many '''pizzerias''', at the Swedish fast food chain '''Sibylla''', at '''McDonald's''' near Lugnet or at '''Gandhis Gatukök''' at the main square.
For fairly cheap restaurant food, catch "Dagens rätt" ("Dish of the day"), available weekdays at lunchtime in most restaurants. Price around 65 SEK. Check if the price includes drinks; if not, you can save money by asking for tap water instead. A daily overview in Swedish of what dishes are served in the different restaurants is found [ lunch.asp?tidning=fk here]. Most of the listed restaurants here are also open in the evening with à la carte prices around 100 SEK for a meal.
* <eat name="American Takeaway" address="Holmgatan 16" phone="+46 23 22044" url="">Offers a lunch buffet and tasty pan pizzas - the best one is Mex-style, called El Taco. Not just takeaway, despite the name. Has a US-style interior with interesting red metallic sofas. </eat>
* <eat name="Tzatziki" address="Myntgatan 33B" phone="+46 23 10980" price="Dish of the Day 65 SEK">Greek restaurant, specializing in coal-grilled food.</eat>
* <eat name="Golden Palace" address="Holmgatan 26" phone="+46 23 26868" price="Dish of the Day 75 SEK">Chinese restaurant, specializing in real chinese food and Hong Kong cuisine.</eat> * <eat name="Restaurang Hammars konditori" alt="" address="Åsgatan 28" directions="" phone="+46 23 39039" url="" hours="113PM-midnight, closed Mondays.30AM-3PM" price="" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]">Italian kitchen. Worth a visit just to see the cozy interior of the building which was built in 1776. They serve lunch with vegetarian alternatives and a la carte italian food.</eat>
* <eat name="Mariann's Saloon" address="Slaggatan 13" phone="+46 23 20101" fax="+46 23 20101" email="[email protected]" url="" price="Dish of the Day 65 SEK">Western/Mexican style restaurant and pub.</eat>
* <eat name="Restaurang China Thai" address="Nybrogatan 23" phone="+46 23 28850">Asian restaurant with a popular lunch buffet.</eat>
* <eat name="Ging Thai" address="Myntgatan 10" phone="+46 23 153 83">Thai restaurant with the best Thai food in town.</eat> * <eat name="" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""></eat> * <eat name="Kopparhatten" address="Stigaregatan 2" directions="same building as Dalarnas Museum" phone="+46 23 19169" url="http://www.kopparhatten.comnu/">The place to go for hungry vegetarians in Falun. The lunch buffet for 70 SEK is popular among meat-eaters and vegetarians alikeSituated inside Dalarnas Museum, serving local as well as international cuisine.</eat>
* <eat name="Rådhuskällaren" address="Slaggatan 2" phone="+46 23 25400" url="http://www.radhuskallarenradhusgarden.netse/">Offers Dish of the Day in the town hall cellars. Summertime it moves outside and is one of the nicest places to eat lunch if the weather is good.</eat>
* <eat name="Geschwornergården" address="Gruvgatan 55" directions="by the Great Copper Mountain mine" phone="+46 23 711923" url="" price="Dish of the Day 65 SEK.">The place to go if you suddenly get hungry while visiting the area around the mine. It shares management with the Banken restaurants. Make sure you get a seat outside if the sun is shining. </eat>
* <drink name="Systembolaget" address="Åsgatan 19" phone="+46 23 12300"> Not a bar but the only alcohol store in town, due to the Swedish government monopoly on alcohol. If you want to do it the Swedish way and save some money by having a pre-party before going to the bar, this is where to shop.</drink>
* <drink name="Harrys" address="Trotzgatan 9" directions="same building as First Hotel Grand" phone="+46 23 794887" url="">The most popular night club in town. Main entrance from Åsgatan, arrive early if you don't want to pay the cover charge. Wednesdays often feature the "two for one" offer, where you get two meals or drinks for the price of one. Book a table in advance if you want to eat since it's quite popular. The Saturday crowd is slightly younger than the one on Friday night. </drink>
* <drink name="Club Etage" address="Holmgatan 22" directions="top floor of the Jungfrun shopping galleria, use elevators at the bottom floor" phone="+46 23 63131" url="" hoursextra="Closing time 2AM on weekends.">Downtown restaurant and night club. Look for the sky tracker lights in the sky and you'll find it. </drink>
* <drink name="Banken Bar & Brasserie" address="Åsgatan 41" directions="Old bank building on the corner of Åsgatan and Stadshusgränd." phone="+46 23 711911" email="[email protected]" url="" hoursextra="Closes at 1AM on weekends">If you prefer sipping on a beer in a somewhat more quiet area, Banken is a good choice.</drink>
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