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Pontevedra (city)

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Find pulperías in the back streets and sample the octopus. It's delicious--and generally far cheaper than elsewhere in Spain. Pulpo a la Gallega is a wonderful dish of squid boiled octopus served on a bed of boiled potatoes, sprayed with olive oil , spicy paprika and paprikasea salt. Like so much Spanish food it sounds ridiculously simple and is stunningly delicious
Galician gastronomy includes a wide variety of foods. Galician stew (caldo gallego) can be made with sausage (chorizo), ham, beef, or chicken, and contains chickpeas (garbanzos), potatoes, cabbage, and other leafy vegetables. "Lacón con grelos" is very common all over the region: pork cooked with turnip, potatoes and chorizo. Both are typical winter dishes. Although fabada, made from fabas (large white beans), smoked morcilla (blood sausage), chorizo, and manteca (lard) is usually considered Asturian food, some excellent versions can also be found in Galicia.
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