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Saint Thomas

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Even though it's only 31 square miles, St. Thomas does have a couple of official cities.
* '''[[Charlotte Amalie]]''' - The capitol city, referred to as "''downtown''", is the destination for many cruise ships due to its deep water harbor. Nearly every day, tourists visit some of the 300 or so jewelry and other stores in the city (see "Buy" below). But it's a great place to "people watch" as well. If you happen to be downtown at night, '''Frenchtown''' is where the classier places are, for food and drinks. Downtown there are a couple of bars that sport the younger crowd and have loud music etc.
* '''[[Red Hook (Virgin Islands)|Red Hook]]''' - Also referred to as the ''East End''. There is a little more nightlife and activities, restaurants in Red Hook, you can catch the dollar taxi ($2/person each way to Red Hook from downtown), it takes about 30 minutes to get there. Don't get stuck there though, unless you have a lot of people in your group, a taxi will not likely take you downtown after about 9PM. Red Hook has ferry service to the island of [[Saint John (Virgin Islands)|Saint John]].

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