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[[Image:Wine Picnic Palisade Colorado USA.jpeg|thumbnail|400px|A summertime winery picnic in [[Palisade]], [[Colorado]]]]
'''Wine tourism''' or '''Vinitourism''' means organizing travel around the appreciation of, tasting of, and purchase of wine. It is a kind of tourism highly developed in many regions around the world, and it can be as simple as hopping on a ''wine shuttle'' in Napa Valley or as complicated as renting a villa in the south of France for a month. Wine tourism is a great way to learn about the people, culture, heritage, and customs of an area. Some of the famous wine producing regions of the world have been producing wine for centuries or even millennia, and the production and consumption of wine is deeply ingrained in the local culture. Also, these areas tend to be off the beaten tourist track (although not that far off) so wine tourism can expose travelers to new and interesting areas. Getting out and visiting wine producers provides contact with local farmers and artisans who care deeply about the area. Wine growers are farmers, and their perspective on the local area, and life in general, tends to be different from other locals typically encountered while traveling.
For the oenophile, wine tourism is a wonderful way to better understand ''terroir'', the difficult to define concept that wine makers often use to describe a key component of their art. Roughly speaking, it has to do with how the quality of the land in which the grapes are grown affects the taste of the wine. Tasting wine at a wine shop or in the comfort of home provide a hint at the ''terroir'' that produced the wine. But spending several days visiting the area, chatting with the wine makers and growers, and eating the local cuisine (which has evolved together with the wine for the two to perfectly complement each other) will provide an exceptional context for the wine and give deep insight into why and how the wine turned out the way it did.
The event of '''Cantine Aperte''' on the last Sunday of May is a good opportunity for anyone interested in Italian wine. This is the day many wine producers throughout Italy open their doors for a free tasting of their wines.
Also [ [Apulia ]] (Puglia)], in the South of Italy, is recently emerging for its wines and land. More information can be find on the Institutional Website [].
===North America===
* [[Sonoma County]], [[California]]
* [[Willamette Valley]], [[Oregon]]
* [[Yadkin Valley]], [[North Carolina]]
* [[Swan Creek]], [[North Carolina]]
* [[Loudoun County]], [[Virginia]]
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