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[[Image:Spacewalker.jpg|thumb|400px|Adventure travel at its finest - and at around $40 million, its most expensive]]
'''Space''' is big. Really big. You just won– as ''Star Trek''t believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big puts it – the "final frontier". Commercial Space tourism is. I mean, you may think it's still a long way down the road to the chemisttiny market by anyone'sstandard, but that's just peanuts to spaceit has definitely arrived – for those who can afford it.
[[Image:Earth from space.jpg|thumb|250px|a view of Europe from low Earth orbit]]
All that sub-orbital stuff is pretty nifty, but these days no one's really ready to accept that you were "in Space" until you've been in orbit around the Earth. There's no single altitude for this (it depends on your orbital velocity), but due to atmospheric drag it's only practical above 350 km. Commonly known as Low Earth Orbit, this is currently the exclusive domain of U.S. Space Shuttles, Russian Soyuz vessels, Chinese Shenzhou craft, and the International Space Station. This itinerary is likely the most expensive in the world.
* <listing name="Space Adventures" address="8000 Towers Crescent Drive, Suite 1000, Vienna, VA 22182" phone="+1 888-85-SPACE" email="[email protected]" fax="" hours="" price="" url="">Space Adventures has organized orbital flights to the International Space Station (ISS). Around $35 million per person will buy you basic training and a launch on a Soyuz vessel from the Russian Cosmodrome at [[Baikonur]] to the ISS. Participants must also fulfill certain physical fitness requirements to ensure their and the mission's safety.</listing>
Fortunately, there are countless opportunities for exploration and discovery down on the surface, in places such as [[Africa]], [[Asia]], [[Europe]], the [[Middle East]], [[North America|North]], [[Central America|Central]], and [[South America]]s, and countless [[Island nations|islands]] in between...
{{warningbox|Note that if you suddenly find yourself in the cold, vacuum of space, chances of rescue are minimal. In fact, with space being so mind-bogglingly big and such, the chances of being rescued by a passing spacecraft are in fact astronomical, no pun intended. If you do find yourself in space without sign of rescue, you can survive asphixiation for about 30 seconds with a lungful of air.}}

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