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Corbett National Park

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'''Corbett National Park''' [http://www.corbettnationalparkcorbett-national-park.incom/ Corbett National Park]''' is in the State of [[Uttarakhand]] in the [[Himalayan North]] region of [[India]]. The park is open to visitors from mid-September to mid-June.
Once inside the park, one gets to enjoy a spectacular panorama of the jungle, reminding one of Kipling's Jungle Book. Apart from this, one can see, observe, and photograph several many species of birds, mammals, reptiles, flora, etc..The Corbett National Park[] has been the hot favorite getaway for the tourists, wildlife fans, and adventure seekers since many years. However, only a few selected regions of the Corbett Tiger Reserve are open for the tourists to explore its spectacular scenery and the varied wildlife. In recent years the number of people coming here has increased dramatically. Presently, every season more than 70,000 visitors come to the park from India and other countries.
===Flora and fauna===
Flora: There are almost 488 different types of species of plants in the park; some of the main species found here are Bel, Chbilla, Dhak, Bakli, Pula, Bamboo,Semal, Khingan, Sal, Khair, Sissoo, Ber, Kuthber, Kharpat, Rohini.
Fauna: This Park has almost 33 different species of reptiles, 7 different species of amphibians, around 7 different species of fish and 37 different species of dragonflies.
At the office in [[Ramnagar]] you can buy the tickets to get into the park.
One can also enter the park through kotdwar Kotdwar which is situated on the other side of the can travel on his own vehicle from kotdwar Kotdwar towards
Jim Corbett .
While in side inside the park, better not to use your own vehicle because only a trained professional have the idea where about to go. and And Best to hire a Taxytaxi (Gypsy) which is fully open. and And it cost about Rs 1800.00-2500.00, depends upon the negotiation for two days.
==Get around==
Keep in mind that in order to actually see a tiger, you will need to plan on taking more than one day of the safari, because there aren't that many tigers. chances Chances of sighting tigers can be significantly raised by staying at Dhikala Forest rest house & leaving early morning for Safari, as Dhikala is rest house is in the core area of jungle.
Bijrani area was once formed part of a shooting block. This shooting block area covers the entire in and around area of Bijrani. This place was most famous during the British time for hunting. Bijrani terrain is drier in comparision comparison to Dhikla and it also has more diverse vegetation then Dhikla
Jhirna is a rest house which lies inside the south area boundary of the park. This rest house is located on the road from Ramngar to Kalagarh. Landscape The landscape in this area is drier than Dhikla. Jhirna was one of the farming village till 1994 and after that it was taken under project tiger.
'''Corbett Museum:''' Tourists can know about the life history of Mr. Jim Corbett and see some of his belongings in the museum.
'''Elephant Safari:''' Elephant ride is the major attraction in Jim Corbett National Park[ 1]. Tourists feels feel like a royal person, while sitting on an elephant and going into the grasslands and jungles in search of tigers or wild elephants. This safari is arranged twice in a day which starts from Dhikala, once early in the morning and once late in the afternoon.
You can go for an elephant ride, see documentaries at Dhikala, visit the museum or just soak in the wild environment.
Drinking alcohol is prohibited inside the park.
Few guest houses are available. Dhikala and Gairal being the most sought after. Advance booking can be done at the tourism office at on Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. On the sopt spot booking can be done at Ramnagar. Stay The stay is very reasonable. around Around Rs.800 is charged 2500 charges for double bed room with all basic facilities.(At Dhikala forest rest house). This rest house is high in demand so it is always advisable to book well in advance. Maximum stay of 3 nights at a time is permitted. Electric fences are present around the housing area.
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