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Geography and climate
[[Image:DowntownFromMemorialTerrace.jpg|thumb|Downtown Lynchburg as seen from Monument Terrace.]]'''Lynchburg''' is a scenic an independent city of 75,000 in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It lies east of the [[Blue Ridge Mountains]] in Central [[Central Virginia]].
Lynchburg, Virginia began in 1757 as a ferry town, fording traffic across the James River. The city is built on centuries of history, boasting strong connections to Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and other early American patriots. Because of the city's use by the Confederacy as a supply and hospital center, it served as a battlefield in the American Civil War. Lynchburg has been designated a portion of Virginia's Rail Heritage Region. Lynchburg's historic districts contain many beautiful homes from the 19th century.
==Get in==Lynchburg has often been cited as 's name is derived from its founder, John Lynch, who, at the largest city in America without immediate interstate highway access. The easiest way into Lynchburg from age of 17, began a ferry service across the north James River to facilitate travel to and south is Route 29from New London. Route 460 runs through He would later be responsible for the city east-westbridge which would make his ferry service obsolete. Despite common misconceptions, neither John Lynch nor Lynchburg is about 1 hour south associated with the origination of [[Charlottesville]] on Route 29 and can be accessed also from Interstate 81 by taking Route 460 across the mountains and down into Lynchburg. Lynchburg is serviced by Lynchburg Regional/Preston Glenn Field Airport (LYH).Amtrakterm, "lynching," though it may have originated with John's Crescent also serves Lynchburg once daily train in each direction on its way between NYC and New Orleansbrother, Charles.
==Get around=Geography and climate===Lynchburg's nickname, the "City of Seven Hills," is very descriptive of the geography of the city. Though it refers most directly to the hills near where the city was founded, these hills extend far beyond the riverfront at the James River. The area includes much of Candlers Mountain.
The Spring in Lynchburg area has is short-lived, often it is simply a bus service for $1period of wide fluctuation between mid-late winter and early-mid summer temperatures.50 a ride or $3Summers are humid and hot with temperatures generally reaching 90°F.00 for a day passAutumns are mild; temperatures stay somewhere between 50°F and 70°F. [http://wwwOnce winter hits, temperatures will top out near freezing until February and, perhaps,] StillRecently, winters have brought lots of snow to the Lynchburg area, bringing a car is the best way to get total average of around Lynchburg16 inches of snow per year.
==See==Generally, storms will pass through over the course of a few hours, but rain systems without lightning and thunder will stick in Lynchburg for days at a time, lending to the nickname "Drenchburg." When there is wind in Lynchburg's historic districts contain many beautiful homes from , it tends to be a very high wind. Unlike nearby areas, the warmest part of the 19th centuryday in this part of Virginia is generally 5PM. Enjoy There is also a drive along hilly cobblestone streets and view these large and lavish homesjoke about how all four seasons can fit in one week here.
Witness the dramatic beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway===Information Center===* <listing name="Lynchburg Visitors Center" alt="" directions="" address="216 12th Street" phone="+1 434 847-1811" email="" fax="" url="" hours="Daily, The Peaks of Otter, and Natural Bridge, all within an hour of the city.9AM-5PM" price=""></listing>
The Living Christmas Tree show at Thomas Road Baptist Church has been performed ==Get in=====By car===Lynchburg currently does not have direct interstate access. Instead, you can get to Lynchburg by one of three major U.S. Routes: U.S. 29 North and South, U.S. 460 East and West, and U.S. 501 North and South. U.S. 501, however, is generally only convenient for many years now and people come travel from all over the country every year just to see itimmediate northwest and southeast.
==Do==U.S. 29 merges with U.S. 460 at a three-way junction. When traveling to Lynchburg has many historic places via U.S. 29S, a right exit is required to visit, such as Thomas Jefferson's summer home, the Confederate Cemetery, and Point of Honorcontinue along U.S. 29S / U.S. 460W.
Just Drivers arriving in Lynchburg should be wary of exiting onto Candlers Mountain Rd in particular. The timing of the first two intersections off U.S. 460 tend to trap drivers at the first intersection at Mayflower Dr.===By plane==='''Lynchburg Regional Airport''' ({{IATA|LYH}}) [] is just south of the city limits alongside U.S. 29. Piedmont Airlines operates a short drive from US Airways Express regional flight between Lynchburg is James Monroe’s homeRegional Airport and Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Ash Lawn, as well as Thomas Jefferson’s beloved Monticello NC. These flights operate on a schedule of approximately one plane arriving and Patrick Henry's Red Hilldeparting every two hours. Revisit the past at the Appomattox CourthouseThe airport offers a café with free wireless access.
Percival===By train==='s Island Trail which connects with ''Kemper Street Station''' in Lynchburg is a stop on two Amtrak-operated passenger services: The Crescent Line and the Blackwater Creek Trail forms a 13Northeast Regional.5 mile paved trail that travels The Crescent runs through Lynchburgon its way between New York City and New Orleans. The trail can be accessed at three major points off Washington St.For the Northeast Regional, Jefferson StLynchburg serves as one of two southern terminals.The train continues from Lynchburg toward either Boston or Springfield, and Langhorne Rd. 1.5 miles after E.C. Glass High School. The trail follows both the James River and the Blackwater Creek. Off of the trail there are several hiking and mountain biking oppourtunitiesMA.
A Skate park ==Get around=====By car===Driving is down on perhaps the water front and has a pool and several rampsmost convenient way to get around Lynchburg. Apart from the Downtown area, it most of the city is off of Jefferson St. Behind Amazement Squarenot very friendly to pedestrian traffic.
Snowflex is an artificial ski slope off Liberty University campus. It is managed by LU The Lynchburg Expressway connects most of the major roadways in Lynchburg, intersecting and information can be found on their website. It was merging with the first complex business segments of its kind in the U.S. 29, U.S. 460, and U.S. 501.
==Learn==Education is well-represented '''Lynchburg'''; it is The city limits are very clearly marked and are drawn in such a way that some places within the city are inaccessible without first traveling outside the home of Central Virginia Community Collegecity. For instance, Liberty University, Lynchburg College, Randolph Collegethe planned community at Wyndhurst can only be accessed via Enterprise Dr, and Virginia University of Lynchburg. Also nearby is Sweet Briar Collegewhich terminates in two different counties.
Lynchburg has two public high schools, EAlso note that a few major roads change names with no clear indication as to where these changes take place.C. Glass and Heritage.There are several private schools in the area, including Virginia Episcopal SchoolFor examples, Holy Cross Regional Catholic SchoolLakeside Dr becomes Forest Rd, James River Day SchoolFort Ave becomes Timberlake Rd, and Liberty Christian Academy (founded by the late Jerry Falwell)Memorial Ave becomes Fifth St.
==Buy==Several lots and limited on-street parking are available in Downtown Lynchburg. Two lots, the Midtown and Clay Street Parking Decks, are metered, operating on the mPARK system used in several other cities in the United States and abroad.
Forest is home to During the Old Virginia Candle Company afternoon rush hour (4:45PM - 5:45PM), Candlers Mountain Rd, Wards Rd, and their store is on Forest Road. You can buy candles and other candle goods here much cheaper than the retail priceTimberlake Rd experience significantly increased traffic.
==Eat=By taxi==={{style}}Several dispatch taxi services operate in Lynchburg.'''* <listing name="City Cab Company" alt="" directions="" address="413 Jackson St" phone="+1 434 846-Mexican0231" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></Texlisting>* <listing name="Allied Cabs" alt="" directions="" address="2109 12th St" phone="+1 434 845-Mex-'''7039" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""><br/listing>'''La Carreta:''' Best authentic Mexican restaurant in Lynchburg. There are several locations, including one on Timberlake Rd. The Chorizo is amazing.* <listing name="Gray Top Cab Incorporated" alt="" directions="" address="1107 12th St" phone="+1 434 845-4554" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""><br/listing>'''El Cabritos:''' Small, local Tex* <listing name="Hill City Cab" alt="" directions="" address="200 Oakley Ave" phone="+1 434 845-Mex fastfood restaurant on Timberlake Rd. They used to have karaoke on Wednesday nights.8554" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></listing>
===By bus==='''-Chinese-Greater Lynchburg Transit Company'''<br>'''Kings Island(GLTC) [http:''' on Old Forest Road//] offers bus services to the area. Single-direction trips are $1.50, is voted best Chinese year after yearand day and multi-day passes are available.<br>'''China Super Buffet:''' in Waterlick Most routes run though the PlazaShopping Center as a central hub and transfer point.<br>'''New China:''' Because of this layout, however, travel from some points in the city to others may take in excess of an hour in Waterlick Plazaspite of being only a few miles away. GLTC also operates intracampus bus services to Liberty University. This service is free to students, faculty, and visitors.<br>'''China Royal'''
'''==See==[[Image:OldCityCemeteryChapel.jpg|thumb|One of several buildings in the Old City Cemetery.]]* <see name="Daura Gallery" alt="" address="1501 Lakeside Dr" directions="In the Dillard Fine Arts Center at Lynchburg College" phone="+1 434 544-8343" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-F 9AM-4PM, Su 1-4PM (one Sunday a month)" price="Free, donations encouraged" lat="37.39759166666666" long="-79.182275" tags="">Open during the college academic year only. </see>* <see name="Maier Museum of Art" alt="" address="1 Quinlan St" directions="On the campus of Randolph College" phone="+1 434 947-8136" email="" fax="" url="" hours="T-Su 1PM-5pm" price="Free, donations encouraged" lat="37.439178" long="-79.170062" tags=""></see>* <see name="Sandusky" alt="" address="757 Sandusky Dr" directions="" phone="+1 434 832-0162" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 434 832-0182" url="" hours="" price="Adults $5, Seniors $3, Students $2" lat="37.380187" long="-79.196337" tags="">This historic house served as the Union Headquarters during the Civil War Battle of Lynchburg. Sandusky is open by appointment.</see>* <see name="Point of Honor" alt="" address="112 Cabell St" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M–Sa 10AM-4PM, Su noon-4PM" price="Adults $6, Seniors $5, College Student $4, Children 6-17 $3, Children under 6 Free" lat="37.420542" long="-79.143872"></see>* <see name="Monument Terrace" alt="" address="9th St and Church St" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="37.414089" long="-Japanese79.143660">Commemorates Lynchburg citizens who fought and died in the Civil War, Spanish American War, World Wars I and II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. A 139-step staircase, the terrace'''s base is at the intersection of 9th and Church Streets and ends at Court Street in front of the Lynchburg Museum.<br/see>'''Sakura* <see name="Old City Cemetery" alt="" address="401 Taylor St" directions="" phone="+1 434 847-1465" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 434 856-2004" url="http:''' Japanese restaurant //" hours="Daily dawn-dusk" price="Free, Guided tours by appointment $5/adult $2/child" lat="37.413869" long="-79.155121">The oldest continuously-operated public cemetery in Virginia, museums on-site give a glimpse into rituals of mourning over the centuries. There is also a reconstructed C&O railroad station and a small medical museum.</see>* <see name="Lynchburg Museum" alt="" address="901 Court St" directions="" phone="+1 434 455-6226" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="Adults $6, Seniors $5, College Student $4, Children 6-17 $3, Children under 6 Free" lat="37.413751" long="-79.144269">In the former Lynchburg court house. Parking is available in the Fort Hill areaClay Parking Deck immediately behind the building.</see>* <see name="Miller Park" alt="" address="2100 Park Ave" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="37.40399" long="-79.16228">37 acre park includes a pool and a beautiful historic aviary, now used as a banquet hall.</see>* <see name="Riverside Park" alt="" address="2270 Rivermont Ave" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="37.437482" long="-79.163208">47 acre park includes the Sprayground, an outdoor water playground.</see>* <see name="Peaks View Park" alt="" address="199 Ivy Creek Ln" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="37.41966" long="-79.22945">250 acre park includes may trails, sports fields, a frisbee golf course, and picnic facilities.</see>
'''-Ice Cream-'''<br>==Do==Lynchburg's hills make the city great for hiking and recreational biking. Percival''Diary Queen:''' Timberlake s Island Trail, which connects with the Blackwater Creek Trail, forms a 13.5 mile paved trail that travels through Lynchburg. The trail can be accessed at three major points off Washington St, Jefferson St, and Langhorne Rd.<br>'''Sundae Grill:''' Some of The trail follows both the James River and the best ice cream in LynchurgBlackwater Creek. In Off of the Candler's Station area right across from the Movies 10 ($1 movies)trail there are several hiking and mountain biking opportunities. They Liberty University also serve hot food maintains a mountain biking and sandwiches.<br>'''Cold Stone Creamery:''' Wards Rd.<br>'''hiking trail on Candlers Mountain Frost Creamery:''' Boonsboro Rd.
'''Lynchburg hosts a minor-Pizzaleague professional baseball team as well as colleges with active athletics departments. * <do name="Bikes Unlimited" alt="" address="1312 Jefferson St" directions="" phone="+1 434 385-4157" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-F 10AM-7PM, Sa 10AM-5PM, Su 1PM-'''4PM" price="" lat="37.411955" long="-79.136828">Offers bicycle sales, repair, and rentals. Near the connection between the Blackwater Creek Bikeway and RiverWalk trails.<br/do>'''Water Stone Pizza* <do name="Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre" alt="" address="4000 Candlers Mountain Rd" directions="" phone="+1 866 504-7541" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="M-Th Noon-Midnight, F Noon-1:''' At 1310 Jefferson Street has one 00AM, Sa 10AM-1AM, Su 1PM-Midnight" price="$5/non-peak hour, $7/peak hour, $12 ski/board rentals, $5 tube rental" lat="37.352608" long="-79.166737">This year-round ski resort is made possible with an artificial terrain technology that makes the resort the first of its kind in the best pizzas in townUnited States.</do>* <do name="LaHaye Ice Center" alt="" address="1971 University Blvd" directions="Directly across from Extended Stay America at 1910 University Blvd" phone="+1 434 592-3953" url="" hours="M-F 11:30AM-1:30PM; F-Sa 7PM-9PM, Su 1PM-3PM" price="$5 Admission, $3 Rental" lat="37.356189" long="-79.172657" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 434 522-0549">Open year round, and is an upscale experiencehours subject to change for summer.<br/do>'''La Villa* <do name="Lynchburg Hillcats Baseball" alt="" address="3180 Fort Ave" directions="" phone="+1 434 528-1144" email="" fax="+1 434 846-0768" url="http:''' At 8109 Timberlake Rd //" hours="" price="" lat="37.392149" long="-79.165512">Class A Advanced affiliate to the Atlanta Braves. Free parking for all games behind the stadium.</do>* <do name="Liberty Flames Athletics" alt="" address="1971 University Blvd" directions="Box office is authentic and homemadein the Vines Center" phone="+1 434 582-7328" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="37.348844" long="-79.180360">NCAA Division I (FCS football), very good Big South Conference.<br/do>'''Papa Johns* <do name="Lynchburg Hornets Athletics" alt="" address="1501 Lakeside Dr" directions="" phone="+1 434 544-8286" email="" fax="+1 434 544-8365" url="http:''' Timberlake Rd//" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">NCAA Division III, Old Dominion Athletic Conference<br/do>'''Vitos Pizza* <do name="Randolph WildCat Athletics" alt="" address="2500 Rivermont Ave" directions="" phone="+1 434 947-8536" email="" fax="+1 434 947-8859" url="http:''' Offers lunch buffet//" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">NCAA Division III, complete with dessert pizzasOld Dominion Athletic Conference</do>* <do name="Renaissance Theatre" alt="" address="1022 Commerce St" directions="" phone="+1 434 845-4427" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="37.413871" long="-79.139999"></do>* <do name="Liberty University Tower Theater" alt="" address="1971 University Blvd" directions="Inside Campus North beside the Tilley Student Union" phone="+1 434 582-7328" email="" fax="" url=" Timberlake Rdcfm?PID=2876" hours="" price="Adults $12, Seniors $10, Students $7" lat="37. next to Big Lots35826" long="-79.17341"><br/do>'''OIP (Original Italian Pizza)* <do name="Lynchburg College Theater" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="+1 434 544-8380" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="http:''' Offers lunch buffet// In Waterlick Plazaxml" hours="" price="Adults $10, Seniors $8, Students $5" lat="" long=""><br/do>'''Pizza Hut'''* <do name="Randolph College Theater" alt="" address="2500 Rivermont Ave" directions="" phone="+1 434 947-8562" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="" price="Adults $12, Seniors $7, Students $5" lat="" long=""><br/do>'''Little Cesars'''* <brdo name="Regal Cinemas River Ridge Stadium 14" alt="" address="3411 Candlers Mountain Rd" directions="Inside the River Ridge Mall" phone="+1 800 326-3264" email="" fax="" hours="" price="$8-10" url="" lat="37.36398" long="-79.17893">This theater is brand-new to the mall, and is accessible through the mall. Premium 3D showings.</do>'''Dominos'''*<do name="Blue Ridge Summer Theatre Festival" alt="Sweet Briar College" address="134 Chapel Road Sweet Briar, VA 24595" directions="" phone="+1 434 826-0391" url="" hours="" price="Adults $15-22, Students $7-15" lat="" long="">Put on annually by Endstation Theatre Company, resident theatre company of Sweet Briar College. Features outdoor theatre. </do>
'''==Buy==* <buy name="Givens Books and Little Dickens" alt="" address="2236 Lakeside Dr" directions="" phone="+1 434 385-5027" email="" fax="+1 434 385-6382 " url="" hours="M-F 8AM-9PM, Sa 9AM-7PM, Oct-Dec Sa 9AM-9PM" price="" lat="37.39955" long="-Fish & Chicken79.21109">Independently-'''owned bookstore also serving as a teacher supply, toy store, and café. Sells new, used, and antique books.<br/buy>'''Captain D's* <buy name="Outdoor Trails" alt="" address="4925 Boonsboro Rd #2" directions="" phone="+1 434 386-4302" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 434 386-4306" url="http:''' Family type //" hours="M-F 10AM-8PM, Sa 10AM-6PM" price="" lat="37.446322" long="-79.219460">Wide selection of fastfood seafood restaurant on Timberlake Rdquality camping, hiking, and other sporting goods., somewhat similar Prepare to Long John Silverbe greeted by two well-behaved dogs, but betterboth good with children.<br/buy>'''Bojangles* <buy name="Lynchburg Community Market" alt="" address="219 Main Street" directions="" phone="+1 434 455-4485" email="" fax="+1 434 847-1552" url="http:''' Southern style chicken fastfood restaurant on Timberlake Rd//" hours="" price="" lat="37.411474" long="-79.<br140050">Indoor/outdoor farmers'''Chickmarket and more. Seasonal offerings, several locally-Filowned restaurants, and many locally-A:''' Wards Rdmade crafts.<br/buy>'''KFC/*<buy name="Easter Island" alt="" address="5505 White Oak Dr" directions="Behind Long John Silver'''s on Wards Rd" phone="+1 434 237-4700" email="[email protected]" url="" hours="M-Sa 10AM-7PM, Su 1PM-5PM" price="" lat="37.373966" long="-79.185923">Quirky shop with locally-crafted jewelry, a wide selection of incense, clothing, unusual musical instruments, and much more.<br/buy>
'''==Eat=====Budget===* <eat name="La Carreta Mexican" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="M-Burgers F 11AM-2:30PM & Fries amp; 5PM-11PM, Sa noon-10PM, Su noon-2:30PM & Other Fastfoodamp; 5PM-'''9PM" price="$7-11" email="" fax="">Authentic Mexican restaurant with several locations in the area.<br/eat>'''Wendy's:''' Various locations including Timberlake * <eat name="" alt="" address="2245 Langhorne Rd" directions="" phone="+1 434 528-6800" email="" fax="" hours="" price="" url="" lat="37.411931" long="-79.172754"><br/eat>'''McDonalds:''' Various locations including * <eat name="" alt="" address="8004 Timberlake Rd" directions="" phone="+1 434 239-9701" email="" fax="" hours="" price="" url="" lat="37.349873" long="-79.229423"><br/eat>'''Subway:''' In Waterlick Plaza and Campbell Ave* <eat name="" alt="" address="120 Simons Run" directions="" phone="+1 434 237-4009" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="37.342309" long="-79.190537"><br/eat>'''Sonics:''' Wards Rd* <eat name="Texas Inn" alt="" address="422 Main St" directions="" phone="+1 434 846-3823" url="" hours="M-Sa, 24 hours, closed Christmas" price="" lat="37.418351" long="-79.145155" email="" fax=""></eat>
===Mid-range===* <eat name="King'''s Island Restaurant" alt="" address="2804 Old Forest Road" directions="" phone="+1 434 384-Steak0066" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 434 384-'''0068" url="" hours="" price="" lat="37.41615" long="-79.20393">Voted best Chinese year after year.<br/eat>'''Depot Grille''' Has a varied menu and delicious* <eat name="WaterStone Pizza" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-Th 11AM-10PM, F-Sa 11AM-11PM, Su noon-10PM" price="$10-15" lat="37. At 10 9th St412029" long="-79.137206"><br/eat>'''TGI Friday* <eat name="Sakura" alt="" address="6113 Fort Ave" directions="" phone="+1 434 237-3900" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-Th 11AM-9:30PM, F 11AM-10:30PM, Sa 2PM-10:''' On Timberlake Rd30PM" price="" lat="37.370390" long="-79.197380">Low-key Japanese restaurant. Not a dinner-and-show restaurant, but great food.<br/eat>'''Applebees''''''Texas Roadhouse:''' Wards Rd* <eat name="Depot Grille" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-Th 11AM-10PM, F-Sa 11AM-11PM, Su 11AM-9PM" price="" lat="37.415672" long="-79.139282"><br/eat>'''Ruby Tuesday:''' Wards Rd.
'''===Splurge===* <eat name="Bull Branch (NOW CLOSED)" alt="" address="109 11th St" directions="" phone="+1 434 847-Etc8477" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-Tu 8PM-'''<br>'''Texas Inn:''' A small plates restaurant downtown1AM, W 6PM-1AM, Th-Sa 6PM-2AM, Su 8PM-midnight" price="" lat="37. Also offers a few full dinners. Near 5th St413361" long="-79.140594"><br/eat>'''Cracker Barrel:''' * <eat name="Koto" alt="" address="2160 Wards Rd" directions="" phone="+1 434 237-9134" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="37.<br371822" long="-79.183641">'''Olive Garden:''' Wards RdTeppanyaki-style Japanese steakhouse with sushi bar. Offers free dinner meals for birthdays (dine-in only, show ID for verification).<br/eatPlenty of over places as well.*<eat name="Koto Japanese SteakhouseShoemakers American Grille" alt="" address="2160 Wards Road1312 Commerce St" directions="" phone="(+1 434 455-1510" email="" fax="+1 434) 237455-91341511" url="" hours="11M-F 11AM-2:30PM & 4:30A 30PM- 1010PM, Sa 4:00P ( 30PM- 11:00P, Saturday)10PM" price="$12-40" lat="37.411707" long="-79.137391">Japanese steakhouse also serving sushi. Free dinner meal on birthdays (may require ID)Offers private rooms and extensive wine selection.</eat>
* <drink name="Inklings Bookshop & The White Hart" alt="" address="1208 Main Street" directions="" phone="+1 434 455-1659" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="M-Sa 7:30AM-10PM" price="" lat="37.412165" long="-79.139812"></drink>* <drink name="The Drowsey Poet" alt="" address="3700 Candlers Mountain Rd" directions="In the Candlers Mountain Shopping Center" phone="+1 434 845-8800" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-Th 7AM-11PM, F 7AM-midnight, Sa 9AM-midnight, Su noon-10PM" price="" lat="37.361388" long="-79.168327"></drink>'''Starbucks* <drink name="The Muse Coffee Company" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="+1 434 237-8878" email="" fax="" url="http:''' Wards Rd//" hours="" price="">Local coffee roaster.</drink>:* <drink name="The Muse Coffee Company" alt="" address="1509 Enterprise Dr" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-W 7AM–10PM, Th–Fr 7AM–11PM, Sa 8AM–11PM" price="" lat="37.357880" long="-79.240748"></drink>:* <drink name="The Muse Eight-Thirty Club" alt="" address="1415 Kemper St" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="W 4PM–9PM, Th 4PM–9PM, F 4PM–11PM" price="" lat="37.402707" long="-79.153589"><br/drink>'''Sonics* <drink name="Phase2 Dining & Entertainment Club" alt="" address="4009 Murray Place" directions="" phone="+1 434 846-3206" email="" fax="" url="http:''' Wards Rd//" hours="" price="" lat="37.382722" long="-79.167765"></drink>
* <sleep name="Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott" alt="" address="3777 Candlers Mountain Rd" directions="" phone="+1 434 845-1700" fax="+1 434 845-1800" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="37.353590" long="-79.170224"></sleep>
* <sleep name="The Residence Bed & Breakfast" alt="" address="2460 Rivermont Ave" directions="" phone="+1 888 835-0387" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="37.43538" long="-79.16949"></sleep>
* <sleep name="Federal Crest Inn" alt="" address="1101 Federal St" directions="" phone="+1 800 818-6155" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="3PM-6PM" checkout="11AM" price="$165-245" lat="37.409774" long="-79.146523"></sleep>
* <sleep name="Norvell-Otey House" alt="" address="1020 Federal St" directions="" phone="+1 877 320-1020" email="" fax="+1 434 528-1188" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$169-199" lat="37.410423" long="-79.146388"></sleep>
* <sleep name="Craddock Terry Hotel" alt="" address="1312 Commerce St" directions="" phone="+1 434 455-1500" url="" checkin="4PM" checkout="Noon" price="$169-209" lat="37.411497" long="-79.137452">On the waterfront of the James River a few hundred feet off of Main St.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Kirkley Hotel and Conference Center" alt="" address="2900 Candlers Mountain Road" directions="" phone="+1 866 510-6333" email="" fax="+1 434 237-4277" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$83-360" lat="37.370164" long="-79.179102"></sleep>
* <sleep name="Hilton Garden Inn" alt="" address="4025 Wards Rd" directions="" phone="+1 434 239-3006" email="" fax="+1 434 239-3007" url="" checkin="3PM" checkout="11PM" price="$103-169" lat="37.344976" long="-79.187361"></sleep>
* <sleep name="Holiday Inn" alt="" address="601 Main St" directions="" phone="+1 434 528-2500" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 434 528-0062" url="" checkin="3PM" checkout="Noon" price="$90-150" lat="37.416923" long="-79.144454"></sleep>
* <sleep name="Extended Stay America" alt="" address="1910 University Blvd" directions="" phone="+1 434 239-8863" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" checkin="3PM" checkout="11AM" price="$67-77" lat="37.356503" long="-79.170997"></sleep>
*<sleep name="Hampton Inn" alt="" address="3600 Liberty Mountain Dr" directions="" phone="+1 434 608 1224" fax="" url="" checkin="3PM" checkout="12PM" price="$92-150" </sleep>
==Stay safe==* '''Courtyard Lynchburg'''For emergencies occurring on the campus of Liberty University, 4640 Murray Place/Candlers Mountain Road, 434-846-7900. []. * '''Holiday Inn Select''', 601 Main St., 434-528-0062. * '''Travelodge''', 1500 Main St, 434-845-5975. * '''Days Inn''', 3320 Candlers Mountain Rd, 434-847-8655. * '''Super 8''', 3736 Candlers Mountain Rd, 434-846-1668. * '''Wingate Inn''', 3777 Candlers Mtn. Rd., 434-845-1800. * '''Quality Inn''', 3125 Albert Lankford Dr., 434-847-8513.  * '''Best Western''', 2815 Candlers Mountain Rd, 434-237-2986. * '''Econo Lodge''', 2400 Stadium Rd, 434-847-1045. * '''Sleep Inn''', 3620 Candlers Mountain Rd., 434-846-6900. * '''The Residence Bed & Breakfast''', 2460 Rivermont Avenue, 888-835-0387, [] * '''Federal Crest Inn''', 1101 Federal St, 434-845-6155. Bed & Breakfast. * '''Ramada Lynchburg''', 3436 Odd Fellows Road, ''+1'' 434-847-7500, []. * '''Ramada''', 1500 Main St, 434-845-5975. * '''Radisson''', 2900 Candlers Mountain Rd, 434-237-6333. * '''Novell-Otey House''', 1020 Federal St., 434-528-1020. Bed & Breakfast. * '''Ivy Creek Farm''', 2812 Link Rd, 434-384-3802.*call the <sleep listing name="Craddock Terry HotelLiberty University Police Department" alt="" addressdirections="1312 Commerce Street Lynchburg, VA 24504" directionsaddress="" phone="+1 434.455.1500592-3911" urlemail="" checkinfax="" checkouturl="" pricehours="" lat="" longprice="">Also includes Lynchburg's only brewpub in the building.</sleeplisting
==Get out==
[[Image:NationalDDayMemorial.jpg|thumb|The Overlord Arch at the National D-Day Memorial in [[Bedford (Virginia)|Bedford]].]]* <do name="Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest" alt="" address="1542 Bateman Bridge Rd, Forest, VA 24551" directions="Avoid the bridge on Bateman Bridge by taking Thomas Jefferson Rd" phone="+1 434 525-1806" email="" fax="+1 434 525-7252" url="" hours="Daily 10AM-4PM" price="$14" priceextra="Discounts for children, students, seniors" lat="37.348175" long="-79.264550">Open from Mar 15 to Dec 15.</do>* <do name="National D-Day Memorial" alt="" address="3 Overlord Circle, Bedford, VA 24523" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="Tu-Su 10AM-5PM" price="$7" lat="37.330080" long="-79.536011"></do>Go see * <do name="Appomattox Court House National Historical Park" alt="" address="VA 24, Appomattox, VA 24522" directions="From U.S. 460, take 24E to U.S. 60" lat="37.37747" long="-78.79619" phone="+1 434 352-8987 ext 26" email="" fax="+1 434 352-8330" url="" hours="" price="">Site of the surrender of the Confederate States of America. Reduced fees after Labor Day and before Memorial Day.</do>* <do name="Peaks of Otter or Natural BridgeVisitor Center" alt="" address="85919 Blue Ridge Parkway, Bedford, VA 24523" directions="" phone="+1 540 586-4496" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="37.44557" long="-79.60988">Base for two popular mountain hikes.</do><!-- 37.445571, -79.609881 * <do name="Peaks of Otter Lodge" alt="" address="85554 Blue Ridge Parkway, Bedford, VA 24523" directions="" phone="+1 540 586-1081" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 540 586-4420" url=""">Restaurant and lodging at the base of Sharp Top Mountain.</do> -->* <do name="Crabtree Falls" alt="" address="11581 Crabtree Falls Hwy, Rt 56, Montebello, VA 24464" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="Free" lat="37.85080" long="-79.07910">Crabtree Falls is the highest vertical-drop cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi River. Viewing area at the base is handicap accessible.</do>{{outline}}* <do name="Natural Bridge" alt="" address="15 Appledore Lane, Natural Bridge, VA 24578" lat="37.628200" long="-79.544653" directions="" phone="+1 800 533-1410" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 540 291-1551" url="" hours="" price="" lat="37.62980" long="-79.54416">Tickets for cavern and other Natural Bridge attractions are available separately or as a package.</do>
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