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Napa Valley

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'''Napa Valley''' [], in the [[Bay Area (California)|Bay Area]] in [[California]], is the main wine growing region of the [[United States of America]] and one of the major wine regions of the world. It is also known for its gourmet restaurants, cafes, and spa-treatment centers.
==Cities and Townstowns==
From north to south the main locales are:
Napa Valley, a world famous wine area, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in California. More than five million visitors come each year, often overcrowding the roadways on summer weekends. Peak times are the summer months and the harvest "crush" during September and October. Napa Valley is home to more than two hundred wineries. With wine as a focus, great dining naturally emerged to complement it. The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in [[St. Helena (California)|St. Helena]] supplies a steady stream of well-trained chefs, supplementing the already prestigious chefs drawn by Napa Valley's reputation and locale.
The Napa Valley enjoys a Mediterranean climate. Summer is marked by warm to hot, sunny days, cool nights, and little to no rain. Winter is mild, and is characterized by frequent rain and occasional frosts. Snow is very uncommon, however.
==Get in==
===Airports Near Napa ValleyBy plane===
The nearest international airports are in [[San Francisco]], [[Oakland]], [[San Jose (California)|San Jose]], and [[Sacramento]]. San Francisco iss is the largest airport of the group presented. Here, a traveller traveler arriving at San Francisco Airport can easily rent a car or reserve a limo to take them to Napa Valley.The trip is about an hour and a half long over the Golden Gate Bridge to scenic Route 1.
===By car===
*Napa can be reached by shuttle providers in San Francisco.
==Getting AroundGet around== * '''Platypus Wine Tours''' [] offers a fun 6-hour tour of 4 small, boutique or family owned wineries. 8-12 people per tour. $99 per person. Local pick up included, as well as a picnic lunch at one of the wineries, chilled bottled water, and a cheese and cracker tray.
* '''Bike riding''' is a popular activity in the valley, and great way to see the scenery it has to offer. [ Napa Valley Bike Tours]
There are also opportunities to cycle in the vineyards.[ Guided Bike Tours] For San Francisco based visitors, [ ] runs bicycle-based Napa wine tasting tours which include transport to and from San Francisco.
* '''Walking''' is also enjoyed by the locals, in one of many parks, trails, and paths on expensive property. If you want to see the historical sites of Napa Valley, you alwas have the option of taking a guided walking tour. [ Walking Tours in Napa Valley]
'''Attractions to See'''
'''Lincoln Theater''' 100 California Drive
Yountville CA 94599
Phone: (707) 944-9900
'''Napa Valley Museum'''
55 Presidents Circle
Yountville CA 94599
Phone: (707) 944-0500
'''River Rock Casino'''
3250 Hwy. 128 East
Geyserville CA 95441
Phone: (707) 857-1205
'''Vintner's Golf Club''' 7901 Solano Avenue
Yountville CA 94599
Phone: (707) 944-1992
* '''Golf''' There are 10 golf courses located at towns throughout the valley.
'''Wine Tours and Tastings'''==Wine Tours and tasting are the main reason why people go to Napa Valley. To see how their favorite wine is made from stem to bottle is often the pasion the drives people to Napa. People may go to Napa valley to taste wines before they invest in them.==
The thing about wine, of course, is that it has a synergy with food. They ; they enhance each other. Accordingly, food is elevated here. There are many excellent chefs in this area, and many great dining facilities. One most famous place that must be mentioned is '''French Laundry''', in [[Yountville]]. It is very famous, very expensive, and very hard to get a reservation. Reservations open two months in advance, and you must be right on top of it. Try if you must, but there are many other delicious options.
The Valley and its wines beg to be brought on a ''picnic''. It might just be the best way to have lunch. Some wineries cater to picnickers, notably V. Sattui which has a nice picnic area and even a deli, but others don't want picnickers tying up their limited parking. Some encourage picnics, but only by reservation. One establishment built on Napa Valley picnicking is '''Oakville Grocery''' in [[Oakville (California)|Oakville]], famous for its deli and picnic supplies.
If you want to picnic or even tailgate you can stop at the '''Oakville Grocer'''. Its located at 7856 Saint Helena Highway, Oakville California (707)-944-8802. There are necessary pantry items such as cheese, crackers and specialty pates. It is open daily but hours vary. Call ahead for specialty sandwiches, picnic baskets or box lunches.
If it is an excellent lunch that you are looking for, you might want to conbine your tour at '''Domaine Chandon''' with a lunch at Etoile at Domaine Chandon. Its open for lunch on Thursday through Monday and it has recieved the best of awards for excellence in 2010.
'''Bouchon''' feels like an authentic, upscale French bistro. Some of its specialties are pan-roasted trout, classic French onion soup and duck foie gras. Reservations are neccessary. It is open daily for lunch and dinner. Entrees are 16 to 40 dollars and there is always a great list of specials.
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