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Narragansett in the Winter

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Day/Night One
==Day/Night One==
Start by heading to Phil's Restaurant for breakfast (323 Main Street, Wakefield, Rhode Island 02879, 401-783-4073). If you are lucky, there is parking directly on Main Street, otherwise, take the first right after Phil's restaurant for a parking. Phil's has a long-standing reputation in Narragansett for a cheap and delicious breakfast. Phil's is often busy, but the service is great and the wait is short. As a traveler, avoid Phil's of Bonnet, as it is frequented mostly by hung-over college students recapping their weekend activities.
After breakfast, explore the novelty and souvenir shops on Main Street or grab a coffee at Orbie's (396 Main Street, Wakefield, Rhode Island 02879, 401-792-4340). (Orbie's is a not very well known in the Narragansett area, but has a handful of regulars. It is a nice place to sit with your coffee if you are looking to relax for a little before moving on.)
Next, head back up Main Street following signs for RT 1. At intersection, take a left following signs for Peacedale. Continue to ___ Bowling (ADDRESS) for some afternoon bowling. __ can be busy at nights, but is generally pretty open during the afternoon hours.
 After bowling, follow ROAD back into Wakefield. At the major intersection, take a right and head towards Pick Pockets (ADDRESS) for lunch. The sandwiches are expensive, but they are made in large portions and full of flavor.
After lunch, follow signs from Wakefield’s major intersection towards Narragansett. Across from the beach will be Narragansett Pier. Catch a movie at the local Island Cinemas (ADDRESS)
When the movie is over, head to Crazy Burger (ADDRESS) for dinner. Crazy Burger is a local gem with a great indoor atmosphere, and outdoor during the summer, and an extensive burger menu (vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options). Crazy Burger is also known for its home-made ketchup (mixed with applesauce) and smoothies with a wide range of possible flavors.
 After dinner, head to The Coast Guard House (ADDRESS) if you are traveling 21+. The Coast Guard House overlooks Narragansett Beach and is a great place for travelers to get a feel for the area while getting drinks.
==Day Two==
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