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*'''Matobes'''- Located along the Paseo de Turistas across from Parque Jurassico, this is one of Puntarenasthe restaurant' nicer dining optionss tables are located on a lovely wooden patio. They serve up excellent pizzas and pastas, as well as delicious and giant calzones. Drinks include red and white wine, and Tona (beer). Prices are reasonably cheap, and service is strangely quick for Costa Rica, but just as friendly.
*'''Apretados'''- A delicious ice cream like snack that comes in a variety of different flavors. You won't find these sold in any store, but out of the front of resident's houses, and will run you about 250 colones (50 cents). Holding the plastic bag in your hand, tear off a small corner with your teeth and suck out the melting apretado.

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