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You need a warm sleeping bag to keep your self warm, when i climbed up everast i had a good night sleep and that is what you need. By your sleeping bag from a good camping show not from Tesco or Asda.
''Moved from the main article - personal comment'':
The information regarding Mount Everest's two main climbing routes is pretty brief and misleading. Both routes are very dangerous for multiple reasons. It has been generally said that the southern side is slightly less technical, due to the northeast route's steps and more time spent in the death zone overall. However, the southern side has it's dangers too, and this should be expressed clearly. There are a lot more avalanches on the southern side. There is also the treacherous, unstable Khumbu Icefall that is constantly shifting. There are bottlenecks on both sides that make climbing very dangerous, exposing climbers to extreme cold with limited body movement for what can be lengthy periods of time. And since the Chinese fixed the ladder to the second step, the technical difficulty of the northeast route is not quite so extreme.
On top of everything that has been left out, it should be mentioned that it is difficult to get access to climbing in Tibet currently, due to the conflict with China. That means that it is improbable for getting permit access, and you may be stuck climbing the Southern route whether you like it or not. That also could mean an increase in traffic on the Southern, Nepalese side, since climbers who would be climbing the Tibetan side are stuck with the Nepalese side. That could mean more bottlenecks, waiting, and frostbite or worse.

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