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Disneyland Paris

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[[Image:Disney-castle-03.jpg|thumb|right|250px|''Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant'' - "Sleeping Beauty's Castle"]]
'''Disneyland Paris''' (formerly '''Euro Disneyland''' and '''Disneyland Resort Paris''') [], located in the [[Paris]] suburb of [[Marne-la-Vallée]], is the Disney Empire's [[Europe | European]] variant of their archetypal "Magic Kingdom" theme park. It was the second Disney theme park resort to open outside the United States, after [[Tokyo Disney Resort]].
:''"To all who enter the studio of dreams, welcome. Walt Disney Studios is dedicated to our timeless fascination and affection for cinema and television. Here we celebrate the art and the artistry of storytellers from Europe and around the world who create the magic. May this special place stir our own memories of the past, and our dreams of the future."'' <small> &mdash; Michael D. Eisner, March 16, 2002</small>
Disneyland Resort Paris consists of two parks, '''Disneyland ParisPark''' and '''Walt Disney Studios ParisPark''', and a shopping district, '''Disney Village'''. Disneyland Paris Park is the park everybody has heard of and expects, and Walt Disney Studios Paris Park has a more general movie making theme - but it's still very Disney. The Village is comprised of stores and restaurants.
Disney's theme parks are famous for their "Audio-Animatronics," attention to detail, service mentality, crowds,and high prices. The intention is to completely recreate the "magic" of the Disney franchise; employees are not "staff" but "cast members"; the park is kept insanely clean; and everywhere you will find a perfectly running machine. For example, you won't find the same Disney character twice within sight - there are no duplicates. Children are clearly the focus of Disneyland, but older visitors are not neglected either.
===When to visit===
With 12 15 million visitsin 2010, Disneyland Paris has overtaken the [[Eiffel Tower]] as the most popular tourist destination of the Paris region, and is the fourth most visited theme park in the world, behind [[Walt Disney World]]'s [[Walt Disney World/Magic Kingdom|Magic Kingdom]], [[Disneyland]], and [[Tokyo Disneyland]]. Likewise, it is infamous for its crowds. At all attractions all over the park you will see "barricades" and signs along the lines of "Waiting time at this point - 45 minutes".
It is essential for an enjoyable visit to Disneyland to plan for a good time. Ideally, you want good weather and as few people as possible, but off peak times may have more limited entertainment show, parade and fireworks offerings.
The best times to visit Disneyland Paris is on weekdays outside public holidays and school vacations. The least-visited times seem to be September-October and May-June. Considering the French weather, June is likely the safest bet. You'll probably be able to get some very good deals during these times. (Example in June 2003: 3 days for the price of 2 days, including hotel, about €200/person.) If you are lucky, you won't have to wait at all except at very popular rides, and even then the waiting time can be as low as a few minutes.
Note that even when the park is not very crowded you will have trouble seeing all of the attractions. For a more or less complete tour, you will need at least two days.
It should be said quite clearly that Disneyland Paris is a lot of fun when you do not have to wait a lot - but waiting for a ride for 45 minutes or more can be stressing. However, see below for the free "FastPass" ticketsticket service.
== Get in ==
Alternatively, VEA [] operates bus service to Disneyland Resort Paris from both airports, costing €17 for adults/€13 for children aged 3-11 per trip.
You can also rent a shuttle transportation[] when traveling in groups to save money.
=== By car ===
=== By train ===
The best way to reach Disneyland Resort Paris, which has its own railway station, is by train: they are reliable and run frequently. Note that when booking tickets the official name of the station is '''Marne-la-Vallee Chessy''' (this that information is more useful for automatic ticket machines as the human ticket sellers employees all know the station for Disneyland).
====From Paris====
* The '''Castle''' ''(Fantasyland)'' is the dominating feature of the Park. While the cynic will notice the stark plastic construction, the castle's fascination cannot be denied by anybody who grew up with Disney style comics. Don't forget to visit the '''Dragon Cave''' through a side entrance; the sleeping dragon is one of the best Audio-Animatronics in Disneyland.
* '''Disney Characters''' are spread liberally throughout the park. Many are available around the clock - usually the more famous characters like Mickey, Donald etc - and some are only available at certain times. Some characters move around. Care is being taken by the Disneyland administration that no character can be met twice at the same time. Inquire at any store or information outlet about the schedule of the characters. They will give autographs to children, and their main purpose is of course to pose for photos. If you have a favorite "must see", inquire as soon as you can on your arrival; some minor characters - like Stitch - are hard to track down. *** If you have a certain character that you absolutely must meet, then check in with CITY HALL at the entrance of the Park on TOWN SQUARE. They can help you with this information, and even organize a "Meet N Greet" with your favorite character.
* Throughout the day there are various '''Parades''' - some of them are quite famous. They include various Disney and non-Disney characters, are held in different parts of the Park at different times. The park map will have a listing of the schedules.
There are many shows available throughout Disneyland Paris.
* '''Tarzan''' ''(Frontierland)'' (cancelled as of July 092009 but returning Summer 2011) featured acrobatics mixed in with music from the movie. It's well done and well worth the time.
* '''Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show with Mickey and Friends''' ''(Disney Village)'' combines horses-and-pistols action with food served to the audience. You have to pay admittance.
* '''Moteurs! Action''' ''(Walt Disney Studios park)'' A stunt car show. Rather entertaining and definitely good for some photo moments. It's next to Rock 'n' Rollercoaster Avec Aerosmith. A little bit long but worth the time.
* '''The Lion King''' ''(Discoveryland)'' (Cancelled) Based on the musical and animated movie of the same name. Quite interactive and a good one for the kids. The Tam Tam Players now perform replaced the show and performed on the stage during the day, now they perform in Adventureland and animated shorts play on a large screen instead .
* '''Space Mountain''' ''(Discoveryland)'' Space Mountain '2' is the park's current offering under the Space Mountain banner, an updated version of the old ride. The ride is tough and harsh and evokes strong reactions - some love it, some hate it. Fastpass available. Height restriction (1m32).
* '''The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror''' ''(Walt Disney Studios Park)'' Same as the Disney California Adventure version, astounding decors, amazing ambiance, great sensations (remains a Disney attraction). Fastpass also highly recommended. If you suffer from heart problems this ride is not reccomendedrecommended.
* '''Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril''' ''(Adventureland)'' is a nice ride but does have a loop and there is a height requirement.
If you can plan your timing somewhat, you may wish to take advantage of the free '''FastPass''' system. When you get to a ride, you can get a so-called fast pass that allows you to bypass the bulk of the queue at a set, later time. Even when the park is only moderately crowded, it's a good idea to get fast passes for popular rides early (Big Thunder Mountain , Peter Pan and Indiana Jones Tower of Terror for example). FastPass exist exists only for a few of the most popular rides. On non peak days with low queues they may not bother issuing Fastpasses on some attractions, only issuing them for the two or three most popular rides in the park. You first go to the Fastpass distribution area near the entrance of the ride, swipe or scan your park admission ticket in one of the machines and receive a free Fastpass coupon with a time frame. You then have to come back in that given time frame to experience the attraction. If you don't like the proposed time frame, you need to either get in the regular line or come back for a Fastpass later. You cannot take another FastPass ticket before the start of the time frame on your current Fastpass. There is a limited number of Fastpass tickets availiable each day so you should take them before they are all gone - especially for Big Thunder Mountain, Peter Pan and Tower of Terror.
You first go in front of the ride Note that some attractions which regularly attract long lines such as Crush's Coaster and Autopia do not offer Fastpass so plan when to get a coupon visit these attractions with a time frame. You then have to come back in that given time frame to take the rideshortest wait e. If you don't like the proposed time frame, you need to come back laterg. You cannot take another FastPass ticket before at the start very beginning or end of the time frame of your first fastpass. There is a limited number of fastpass so you should take them before they are all goneday.
===Baby Switch===
If there is one thing you will never have a problem finding in Disneyland Paris, it's stores. Various themed and general stores are spread liberally throughout the park, selling Disney merchandise and general memorabilia. They carry everything from pencils to books, from Indiana Jones fedora hats to Cinderella costumes. The sky is basically the limit on the money you can spend at Disneyland Paris - you can buy glass/crystal trinkets and sword replicas in the central castle. If you come to Disneyland Paris with children, be prepared to reach deep into your pockets; cowboy hats and pistols or knights' swords seem to be essentials for boys; Cinderella costumes for girls. Either way, a set of goodies for a child will probably set you back approximately €50. Add to this plush dolls, t-shirts and action figures ... it's easy to spend €50-100 a head on "souvenirs" - or more.
The main shopping area of Disneyland Paris is '''Main Street USA'''. The largest store at Walt Disney Studios Paris is '''Disney Studio 1''', which you will see straight ahead after you enter the park. '''Disney Village''' has a large collection of retailers, including a Disney Store...
Disneyland Paris sports many restaurants and bars that have mostly one thing in common: They're expensive. Some are simple fast-food spots, others are quite fancy. The food is often expensive. Cafe Mickey is expensive (€130 for four people) but the characters came around and you may save some time not queuing up in the park to have the kid's pictures taken with the characters.
* If you booked yourself into a Disney hotel, this includes breakfast - basically an all you can eat buffet of cereal, rolls, yogurt, and so on. The food is not fancy, but it'll feed you well. You should also get vouchers to eat in the Park at least once (they may offer more than once depending on the booking situation). The food is the same, but you are admitted to the park 1 hour before it officially opens, giving you a head start to the rides. Not all the themed "lands" are open for this, you can get a list of the ones that are from your hotel. For instance "its a small world" doesn't open until 10AM and Autopia (cars that the kids can drive) doesn't open to 12:30PM.
* There is a large shopping mall a few minutes from Val d'Europe located near the park by car. If you have access to (one stop west on RER A or about a vehicle20 minute walk, you can go here for all your shopping needsalso free parking is available). This helps may help if you are on a budget.
* Bring something to drink into the park - if you walk around all day, especially when it's hot, you will need a lot of liquid. Don't forget that drinks at kiosks are very expensive.
*'''PV-Holidays Adagio Val d'Europe''' [] is another cheaper, self-catering option. Located minutes from Eurodisney- with a free shuttle bus to and from. Apartments spacious, comfortable and self catering. Designed on the model of a private mansion house, with decor combining an urban style with the spirit of an English garden-city, the residence is also ideally located next to one of Europe's largest shopping centres. Tel: +33 1 58 21 55 84.
*<sleep name="Radisson Blu Hotel" alt="" address="Allée De La Mare Houleuse" directions="" phone="+33 (0)1 60 43 64 00" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">The Radisson Blu hotel is ideal for those wanting a bit more space, this modern hotel also boasts the Disneyland Golf course on its door-step so it is ideal for golfing enthusiasts.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Dream Castle Hotel Paris" alt="Dream Castle Paris" address="40 avenue de la Fosse des Pressoirs" directions="" phone="+33 1 64 17 90 00" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">This Disneyland Paris hotel is located near Paris, France. The 4-star Eurodisney hotel offers accommodation for families and business travelers, two restaurants and a bar, conference venues, and spa services.</sleep>
==Get out==
*To get to '''Parc Asterix''' [], take the TGV to Charles de Gaulle Airport, then take the shuttle bus (roundtrip: €7.50 ages 12 and above, €5.50 ages 3-11) to the park. *'''Val d'Europe''' [] is the first stop from Marne-la-Vallee on RER A4. *'''Low Cost Airport Transfer to Disneyland''' [], from Beauvais, CDG and Orly. Prices start from as little as €10 per personA.
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