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North Bali

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Private villas
* '''Villa Dunia Seni''' - ( Along the beach in Bukti a large, luxury villa for up to 10 people
* '''Villa Dunia Impian''' - ( Along the beach in Air Sanih, a large, luxury villa for up to 10 people
* '''Agung Bali NirwanaPrivate Luxury Villas & Spa''' - ( Don't let the words luxury and spa in their name scare you. Amazing location and unbelievable bargain for the level of luxury they offer. EcoThey are eco-Friendlyfriendly, very secluded, super romantic, inexpensive and they have wireless internetand great satellite TV system. We go year after year and were hesitant to share our secret paradise at first, but it's too good not to share. Three huge 3 bedroom villas, huge big pool and open sided restaurant,all right on the Bali Sea. Live coral reef and shallow water out to about 30 meters right at the villa front steps, excellent for snorkeling. The view from the infinity edge pool sitting right above the Bali Sea is priceless. Unlike most places on Bali, their rates are fixed and not arbitrarily raised seasonally and the staff is sincerely friendly. The perfect getaway.
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