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Vatican City State

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=== Mid range ===
<sleep name="B&amp;B Gli Artisti" alt="" !--BEFORE ADDING A HOSTEL, HOTEL, OR ACCOMMODATION AGENCY ENTRY HERE:1. Include enough information to make the entry useful when PRINTED OUT.2. Include direct telephone numbers and web address="Via degli Scipioni 53" directions="" phone=".3. INCLUDE expected range of PRICES for a single room (one person) and for a double (two persons).4. State where the bathroom (+39toilet and bath or shower) 3382078356" url="httpis://wwwin the room or communal? 5.bbgliartisti.comRemove useless verbiage such as "nice" checkin=, "cheap" checkout=, "close to" price=and "from €64near" lat=6. Only include "comfortable" long=, or "friendly">&B Gli Artisti owns 3 apartment complexes located in the historical centre of Rome, 800 meters away from the Vatican and Stif you as a paying guest felt that during a stay. Peter's Basilica and only 50 meters away from the Rome Metro's Ottaviano stop. All Rooms have bathroom and all confort for a very good sleep7.Only add one listing per hotel/hostelIF YOU FAIL TO ADHERE TO THESE GUIDELINES YOUR ENTRY WILL BE DELETED SUBJECT TO OTHER USERS DISCRETIONDUE TO EXCESSIVE PROBLEMS WITH SPAMMING AND USELESS LISTINGS ON OUR ROME GUIDES- Single room € 65,00 to € 75,00- double room € 79,00 to € 129,00</sleep>
* <sleep name="Amor Bed &amp; Breakfast" alt="" address="Viale Giulio Cesare,183" directions="" phone="(+39) 335 5689388" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" checkin="noon" checkout="11AM" price="from €80">A stylish bed &amp; breakfast near the Vatican City.</sleep>

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