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Yorke Peninsula

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The Troubridge Island lighthouse was prepared in England and shipped in pieces to Australia and was manned from 1856 to 1981. The island became a conservation park in 1982 when purchased for $42,000 by the South Australian state government. Troubridge Island is accessible by permit only.
* <listing name="Troubridge Island Lighthouse and Conservation park" alt="" directions="By sea boat from Edithburgh" address="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="Permits for access to the park are available from the Department of Environment and Heritage, Yorke District at Innes National Park, ☎ +61 8 8854 3200; or Troubridge Island Charters ☎+61 8 8852 6290.">The second lighthouse to be built in South Australia, Troubridge Island lighthouse was completed in 1855 and was the first Australian lighthouse to be built of cast iron. After the ship 'Marion' was wrecked on what is now known as Marion Reef, the Government investigated, building a lighthouse on Troubridge Island. The islands 'keepers' cottage is available for sort term holiday accommodation.</listing>
* '''Lighthouses'''. The rough seas along the southern coastline of Yorke Peninsula have caused many a shipwrecks, which is why this area has a number of lighthouses. Lighthouses at West Cape [], Cape Spencer [], Althorpe Island, Corny Point [] and Troubridge Point [] (not to be confused with the more historic lighthouse on Troubridge Island []) continue to guide the way for passing boats and sailors to warn them of the dangers.

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