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'''The Palisades''' are cliffs located in [[New Jersey]] & [[New York (state)|New York]]. They rise sharply on the western banks of the Hudson River. They range from 300 to 500 feet. There are parks, camp sites, look outs, hiking trails and much more on the palisades North of the George Washington Bridge. [ Pictures from the Cliff tops], [ Pictures along the Riverfront]
[[Image:Palisades1.jpg|thumb|The Palisades on the New Jersey side.]]
[[Image:Palisades1.jpg|thumb|The Palisades on the west bank of the Hudson River.]]
The palisades are cliffs that formed millions of years ago. They are the most prominent geological feature in the New York City Metropolitan Area. Much of the cliffs south of the George Washington Bridge are heavily developed on. Much of the area North of the Bridge was bought by Palisades Park Orginzation which helped preserve the natural beauty of the cliffs and saved it from development and destruction. There are beautiful hiking trails and breathtaking views from look outs in these parks. [ Official Site]

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