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Copenhagen/Northern suburbs

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* <buy name="EGO:ECO" alt="" address="Strandvejen 169B, Hellerup" directions="" phone="+45 45 93 14 00" url="" hours="M-Th 10AM-6PM,F 10AM-7PM,Sa 10AM-2PM" price="" lat="55.733071" long="12.57504" email="" fax=""></buy>
* <buy name="Gad Lyngby" alt="" address="Lyngby Hovedgade 23, Lyngby" directions="" phone="+45 45 87 12 40" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-Th 9.30AM-6PM,F 9.30AM-7PM,Sa 9.30AM-4PM" price="">Danish book stores tend by to be rather small, but this one a decent size and some English paperback titles available. </buy>
* <buy name="Stole Kompagniet" alt="1000 Chairs" address="Callisensvej 2-4, Hellerup" directions="" phone="+45 39 61 19 44" url="" hours="M-F 10AM-5.30PM,Sa 10AM-2PM" price="" lat="55.729738" long="12.576232" email="" fax=""></buy>

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