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Zaouiate Oued Ifrane

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'''Zaouiate Oued Ifrane''' is a city in the [[Middle Atlas]] mountains of Morocco.
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Better known as Zaouia d'Ifrane, or even Ifrane if you are within the village limits, this Berber village is often confused for another town in the mid-Atlas with the name Zaouia d'Ifrane, and many times it is even confused for the larger city of Ifrane proper itself. Let it be known, Zaouiate Oued Ifrane or Zaouia d'Ifrane or Ifrane or Zaouia is neither of those places, it is much, much more beautiful. The village of between 500-1000 residents (depending on the time of year) sits under a dramatic and extremely unique geological feature, a 200 foot travertine plateau provides a backdrop of caves, hanging plants and waterfalls. Zaouiate Oued Ifrane translates to 'holy place of caves' and the village and its' surrounding landscape creates an air even more awe inspiring than the title suggests.
There are a few different gites to stay out when in Zaouiate Oued Ifrane. These are just families who usually have extra space in their homes and offer this space for a decent price. The price usually always includes meals since food is so difficult to come across within Zaouiate Oued Ifrane.
==Contact==The man to contact in Zaouiate Oued Ifrane is: *'''Hassan Hachimi''' +212668829145
He lives with his wife Samira and their two boys, Adam and Sahar, in a beautiful, quaint home in an apple orchard just outside the village center. He is currently building an add-on to his house to accommodate more guests. A stay here won't run you too much cash (between 120-150 MAD per person, per night) and it will include delicious meals made by Samira.
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