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Wikitravel:Collaboration of the month

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Current collaboration of the month: Updating COTM
==Current collaboration of the month==
===Niagara Falls [[Niagara Falls (Ontario)|Ontario]] and [[Niagara Falls (New York)|New York]]===
There was a little support on the talk page, and I think (hope) at least a few of the regulars have been here. I also think it's likely that casual visitors will have visited the falls.
===Tasks:* [[MauritiusNiagara Falls (New York)]]===:**Properly format listings. Add missing info and descriptions**Organize "Eat" according to "Budget", "Mid-range", and "Splurge"**Add pictures
This article has lots of great content, but is poorly formatted, needs to be broken into regions, and most listings lack addresses and other basic info * [[Niagara Falls (like cityOntario)]]:**Rewrite "Understand" section**Properly format listings. This is a great tropical destination **Organize "Eat" according to "Budget", "Mid-range", and I saw a TV show a while ago about this island which presented this island as an astounding destination. "Splurge"
*'''Create Regional/City Articles & Move Listings''' — The author(s) has already broken down "See" section into regions which ought to be created (there is only one article [the capital] of all the regions/cities/other destinations!). You don't need the firsthand knowledge to create the articles, simply rephrase a couple lines from Wikipedia and then move the listings to them...stub/outline articles These tasks are better than no articles!*'''Formatting''' — In addition to the first rationale, there are lots of non-standard ways the author(s) has formatted most sections. *'''Sleep Cleanup/Expansion''' — The sleep section has many listings, but is not broken down by price, many lack a description, and they should be moved to appropriate regions/cities. Fortunately for us, all of them have a website listed in the article.*'''Better Map'''—The map is a simple map of the island with cities and a scale. The map could use a key (or at least get rid of the white section at left), and someone could easily search online good for even a map of the island traveler unfamiliar with good destinations (ie. parks, points of attraction) to stick on the map so it's not bare. Also, if regional articles are created, this map will need appropriate shading for the various regions.:I am having a go at a better map. &bull; &bull; &bull; [[User:Pbsouthwood|Peter (Southwood)]] <small><sup>[[User_Talk:Pbsouthwood|Talk]]</sup></small> 05:55, 18 January 2011 (EST)*'''More Pictures''' — The article ''could'' get a couple more pictures. At a minimum, they need area to be spread outable to contribute.[[User:AHeneenChubbyWimbus|AHeneenChubbyWimbus]] 0122:4026, 23 April 2009 3 June 2010 (EDT)
*'''LukewarmStrongly support'''. This is a great nomination, and we could do all these tasks and make it a much better guide. My only worries would I'd be that we could probably move through all these tasks rather quickly, since the island nation is so small, and the amount of content is not huge. But thathappy to help out as I's not ve been to say we shouldn't do this&mdash;it could definitely workboth sides numerous times. --[[User:PeterfitzgeraldLtPowers|PeterLtPowers]] <small><sup>16:22, 28 June 2010 (EDT)*'''Support''' --[[User_talkUser:PeterfitzgeraldTiagox2|TalkTiagox2]]</sup></small> 0207:0617, 23 April 2009 17 October 2010 (EDT)

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