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Faroe Islands

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Towns and villages: Added one photo
== Towns and villages ==
[[Image:Sumba, Faroe Islands.JPG|thumb|The village Sumba in [[Suðuroy]].]]
Right until the late 19th century, people spent most of their lives in the same village. Towns didn’t start to appear until very late. For instance, the capital, Tórshavn, only counted about 100 inhabitants in 1900, whereas today the number has escalated into nearly 20,000. In the Faroe Islands the traditional village was to a certain extent self-sufficient. Historically there was a limit to how many families it could support. When the fishing industry took off in 1872, it was the beginning of the end for the traditional way of life in the small villages as fishing replaced farming and the growing population chose to settle in the fast growing towns instead.
* [[Porkeri]]
* [[Fámjin]]
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== Other destinations ==

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