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{{PAGENAME}} has the '''euro''' (EUR, €) as its currency. Therewith, {{PAGENAME}} belongs to the 23 European countries that use the common European money. These 23 countries are: [[Austria]], [[Belgium]], [[Cyprus]], [[Estonia]], [[Finland]], [[France]], [[Germany]], [[Greece]], [[Ireland]], [[Italy]], [[Luxembourg]], [[Malta]], the [[Netherlands]], [[Portugal]], [[Slovakia]], [[Slovenia]] and [[Spain]] (official euro members) as well as [[Andorra]], [[Kosovo]], [[Monaco]], [[Montenegro]], [[San Marino]] and [[Vatican]] which use it without having a say in eurozone affairs. These countries together have a population of 327 million.
One euro is divided into 100 cents. While each official euro member (as well as Monaco, San Marino and Vatican) issues its own coins with a unique obverse, the reverse as well as all bills look the same throughout the eurozone. Nonetheless, every coin is legal tender in any of the eurozone countries.

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