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Yaeyama Islands

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By boat: Updated the info on Star Cruises, based on company information
===By boat===
Since Ryukyu Kaiun took the last passenger ferry out of service in 2006 and Arimura Sangyo went out of business altogether in 2007, there are no scheduled services to Taiwan, mainland Japan or islands outside the Yaeyama group. (Between May and late April to the end of October, Star Cruises [] offers excursions operates cruises from [[Keelung]] (near [[Taipei]], [[Taiwan]]) to [[Okinawa]] Island, [[Miyako]] Island, and [[Ishigaki]] Island. This , but this is not a ferry service, although one could conceivably buy a ticket for one leg from Taiwan to Ishigaki and another one for a return trip some time later (if one doesn't mind the fare, which would be perhaps 10 times that of a typical ferry.).
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