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Paris/4th arrondissement

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Over the last decade, the rue des Francs-Bourgeois has become a shopping destination for clothes and accessories. Go during the July or January soldes and pick up some Anne-Fontaine outfits, Camper shoes, or trendy mens clothing at Melchoir at bargain basement prices.
* <buy name="Marché aux Fleurs et Marché aux Oiseaux" alt="Flower Market and Bird Market" address="Place Louis Lepine" directions="Metro: Cité, Saint Michele -Michel or Châtelet" phone="" email="" fax="" hours="" price="" url="">On the north side of the ''Ile de la Cité'', the main island at the center of Paris you'll find a burgeoning daily flower market, where you can buy just about any type of flower, and oddly enough a range of exotic tropical birds.</buy>
* <buy name="Opéra BD" address="2 rue des Tournelles" directions="Metro: Bastille" phone="+33 1 44 54 95 12" email="" fax="" hours="Daily 11AM-midnight" price="" url="">Comics (''Bandes Dessinées'') are a serious art form in France and even regular corporate bookstores have a good selection, but it's much better to look for them where they are really appreciated, in one of Paris' many private BD dealers. This one is friendly, well stocked, and keeps late hours so pay them a visit if you would like to pick up a copy of one of the many volumes of ''Lone Wolf and Cub'' in French.</buy>
* <eat name="Mariage Frères" address="30 & 35 rue de Bourg-Tibourg" directions="Métro: Hotel de Ville"> If you love tea, you'll love this old salon de the in the Marais.</eat>
*<eat name="Le Coude Fou" alt="" address="12, rue du Bourg-Tibourg" directions="Metro Hotel de Ville" phone="+33 1 42 77 15 16" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Open till midnight seven days a week, this place is a jewel. It is a real local neighbourhood bistro in the middle of the high rent Marais. The food is good, and the wine selection is great. During the week it offers a €17 prix fixe two-course lunch (including two glasses of wine) and a €25 three-course dinner (does not include wine).</eat>
If you are looking for a snack or a quick lunch you could do a lot worse than any one of the kosher falafel stands along the Rue des Rosiers near Place des Vosges. If you are on the island île de la Cité though, a closer choice is just to hop across the little pedestrian bridge to the ''Ile de St. île Saint-Louis'' for lunch at any one of the many charming cafés.
For dinner or a sit-down lunch there are over a thousand restaurants in the 4th catering to all tastes - many more deserve to be listed than this or any other guide has space for. There are nice places, trendy or traditional throughout the district, but most of the really fancy bistros are clustered around the Northwest corner of Place de Bastille. You'll really enjoy walking around and checking out the menus, especially during the week when only the most exclusive places require a reservation. That said, here are some ideas:
* <eat name="Ciao" address="7, rue Simon-Lefranc" directions="Metro: Rambuteau" phone="+33 1 42 71 52 07" email="" fax="" hours="" price="" url=""></eat>
* <eat name="Chez Marianne" address="2, Rue des Hospitalières-Saint Gervais" directions="Metro: Saint-Paul" phone="+33 1 88 64 15 22" url="" price="Falafel out of the window is €4; in the dining room you'll pay around €15 for a vegetarian menu, or up to €22 for the most expensive dishes à la carte.">Found at the corner of rue des Hospitalières-Saint Gervais, and the rue Rosiers, Chez Marianne --like the many falafel stands in the ''Pletzle''-- serves excellent sandwiches out of a walk up window, but unlike some of the others also has an attractive dining room and a truly lovely terrace where you can enjoy a full range of Jewish/middle-eastern dishes. </eat>
* <eat name="dans le Noir" alt="" address="51 rue Quincampoix" directions="Metro Rambuteau" phone="+33 1 42 77 98 04 (reservation is mandatory)" url="" hours="everyday in the evening, on Sunday at noon and in the evening" price="Around €45, depending on the gustative''experience'' you seek" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="" tags="">What is the most romantic restaurant in the 4th? Hint: this not about ''decor'', or music. This is about light, and in the dining room of '''Dans le noir''', (''In the dark'') there is none. At all. You must even leave you mobile at the entrance. You are driven by a blind waiter (yes, for real!) to your seat, and the same will bring you your dishes (which you didn't choose!) and help you with everything. When you arrive, just tell what you don't eat. The food is creative and excellent and of course, the game is to guess what you are eating. Among friends, voices are very loud. Among lovers, it's another story...
A definitely unique experience, now exported to [[Barcelona]], [[New York City]], [[London]] and [[Saint Petersburg]]. </eat>
* <eat name="Pitchi Poï" address="9 place du Marché Sainte Catherine" directions="Metro: Saint Paul" phone="+33 1 42 77 46 15" email="" fax="" hours="" price="" url="">Essentially yiddische cuisine with a nice choice of vodkas; the terrace is great when the weather is fine; the whole ''place du Marché Sainte Catherine'' is covered with restaurants' tables in summer.</eat>
* <eat name="Brasserie Bofinger" address="3 rue de la Bastille" directions= "Metro: Bastille" phone="+33 1 42 72 87 82" email="" fax="" hours="" price="" url="">A beautiful, historical ''décor'' in ''Art Nouveau'' style (see the ceiling upstairs); good Alsatian cuisine : ''choucroute'', kuglopf, etc. plus good classic ''cuisine de brasserie''.</eat>
There are tons of hotels, hostels, furnished apartments and guest houses in the 4th. Even still you should book ahead if possible as there is also tons of demand.
* <sleep name="MIJE" alt="" address="6, rue de Fourcy, 12 rue des Barres, and 11 rue du Fauconnier" directions="Metro: St. Paul" phone="+33 1 42 74 23 45" fax="" url="">checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="" fax="" email="">Consistently given the highest possible ratings this organization actually runs three hostels in the Marais. The only possible drawback is that they have an afternoon lockout for cleaning. The MIJE Maubuisson on rue des Barres gets the nod of the three for being in an historic Tudor-style building. Dorm-room beds start at €27 at all three places. Single rooms are 42€.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Hôtel Rivoli" alt="" address="44 rue Rivoli" directions="Metro: Hotel de Ville" phone="+33 1 42 72 08 41" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="" fax="" email="">In the heart of the city with cheap doubles, starting from 30€. Terrific view from 5th floor single room</sleep>
* <sleep name="Hôtel de Lutece" address="65, rue Saint-Louis-en-l'Ile" directions="Metro: Pont-Marie" phone="+33 1 43 26 23 52" fax="" url="" email="" price="€158"></sleep>
*<sleep name="Hotel Notre Dame" alt="" address="19 Rue Maître Alberte" directions="" phone="09 77 19 84 17" url="http://" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Located in a typical and quiet little street, looking out on the Seine and facing Notre-Dame Cathedral. Every room is uniquely styled and decorated and equipped with a complete, marble bathroom.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Jardins de Paris Marais-Bastille" address="14, rue Neuve-Saint-Pierre" directions="Metro: Bastille" phone="+33 1 44 59 28 50" fax="" url="" email="" price="Singles for €120, doubles for €135"></sleep>
*<sleep name="Hôtel Rivoli" alt="" address="44 rue de Rivoli" directions="Metro: Hôtel de Ville" phone="+33 1 42 72 08 41" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Double for €48" lat="" long="">Great location next to the Hôtel Rivoli. Can be noisy if you have a room which faces the street.</sleep>
===Furished Apartment===
*<sleep name="Victoria Paris Homes" alt="" address="" directions="Metro: Maubert Mutualité" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">There are some furnished apartments near Norte Dame available for rental and are centrally located within walking distance from Maubert Mutualité Station.</sleep>

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