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:Problem is, there's stuff in the southeastern part of the state that isn't in the sky islands. Yes, it's generally unglamorous, but the lowlands are where the lodging is, for example. It would be better to treat the sky islands as a sub-region of "Southeastern Arizona" to leave room for the other stuff. (I can also imagine a "Mogollon Rim" sub-region here.) -- [[User:Bill-on-the-Hill|Bill-on-the-Hill]] 17:06, 15 September 2006 (EDT)
The map of the regions really isn't all that attractive or detailed. Considering how scampy some of the articles are I would like to merge the Western and Southwestern Arizona articles.{{unsigned|SmellsDystopian}} : A lack of content is typically not a good reason to change the regional structure - often this means that people just haven't gotten around to contributing yet. Is there an argument to be made that Western and Southwestern Arizona are so sparse and so similar that they should be merged? That might make more sense, although my limited experience has been that the northwest and southwest corners of the state are fairly difference geographically. -- [[User:Wrh2|Ryan]] • ([[User talk:Wrh2|talk]]) • 09:54, 25 December 2010 (EST)
==Region names==

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