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Regions: Merging Southwest and Western Arizona articles
I changed East Arizona to Southeast Arizona and focused on that region's most distinguishing characteristic, its sky islands, because I visit there often and want to write an article or two about the region. "Eastern" Arizona just doesn't quite get at this little corner of the Arizona world. Maybe I might have done better to add Southeast Arizona, but probably if someone wants to write about East Arizona, they'll add it back into the mix. {{unsigned|Gharper|7 August 2006}}
:Problem is, there's stuff in the southeastern part of the state that isn't in the sky islands. Yes, it's generally unglamorous, but the lowlands are where the lodging is, for example. It would be better to treat the sky islands as a sub-region of "Southeastern Arizona" to leave room for the other stuff. (I can also imagine a "Mogollon Rim" sub-region here.) -- [[User:Bill-on-the-Hill|Bill-on-the-Hill]] 17:06, 15 September 2006 (EDT)
The map of the regions really isn't all that attractive or detailed. Considering how scampy some of the articles are I would like to merge the Western and Southwestern Arizona articles.
==Region names==

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