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The '''Piraeus''' is the ancient port of [[Athens]] and still functions as the chief exit point from the city by sea for destinations amongst the [[Aegean Islands]] and elsewhere in the east Mediterranean. Domestic destinantions include all of the Aegean islands except the Sporades and some smaller Cyclades and Dodecanese isles that require a connection. International destinations (apart from cruise ships) include Cyprus and the Middle East.
'''Warning''': {{cautionbox|Recently, official spelling changed to '''Pireas''' -- and all road signs in Athens and around updated accordingly.}}
Most travellers arriving in Piraeus from Athens make use of the very convenient '''Metro''' []. Line 1 terminates at the Port, from there it's a short walk to the Saronic Gulf ferries, hydrofoils and catamarans, or a free shuttle-bus ride to the ships sailing to Crete and the Dodecanses. Central Cyclades ferries conveniently sail from just across the metro station. Metro ticket costs €1.00 and allows unlimited connections on all modes of transport within 90 minutes.
Direct '''Airport Express buses''' [] run 24 hours between the port of Piraeus and Athens International Airport []. Allow 90 minutes for the trip. The Airport is also accessible via the Metro, with a connection at Monastiraki. Bus tickets to the airport, available from the driver, cost €3€5.2000; Metro tickets to the airport are €6.00.
Other public buses connect Piraeus with its outlying suburbs, the southern coastal zone and with central Athens. Bus and trolley-bus tickets cost €1.00 and are valid for unlimited connections(including metro) within 90 minutes. They must be bought in advance (generally from kiosks or inside metro stations) and validated once on board.
During the "season", a goodly number of cruise ships stop here. Modest sized ships dock within easy walk of the passenger terminal (approximately a mile south of the Metro station). Large ships dock about 2-300 meters farther away, closer to the busy entrance to this harbor. From the terminal, you could take a taxi, or you might find a city bus going toward the Metro terminal (ask in the terminal); otherwise, you face a walk with entrances to ferry and freight docks on the shore side, and various commercial and civic buildings on the other side of the very busy street. Those walkers who stay on the harbor side can use a pedestrian bridge over the street within sight of the Metro station.
==Get around==
One '''scam''' you may encounter in Piraeus is a rather subtle one. A man will walk up to you while you are waiting with your luggage in line to board a ferry. This gentleman is a consummate actor: though he doesn't actually claim to be working for the boat or port, his demeanor and behavior imply strongly that he is. He'll pick up your luggage, brushing aside any objections, and usher you with it to the head of the line, at which point he'll demand a hefty tip. In one reported case the bite was €7.00 (our respondent decided the performance was worth €2.00)

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