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Finnish phrasebook

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; öö : not found in English, but just stretch out the "ö" sound
Diphthongs (vowel sequences) like the ''uo'' of ''Suomi'' (Finland) of are common. They retain the individual sounds of their vowels, but are slightly blended together to be pronounced in one "beat".
If a Finnish consonant is '''doubled''', it should be pronounced lengthened. For plosives like p, t, k, this means getting your mouth ready to say it, but pausing for a moment. Hence ''mato'' (worm) is "MA-to", but ''matto'' (carpet) is "MAT-to".
; b c d f : pronounced as in English (rarely if ever never used in native Finnish words, except d); g : like '''g''' in '' '''g'''et''(never used in native Finnish words, except the digraph '''ng''', see below)
; h : like '''h''' in '' '''h'''otel'', pronounced more strongly before a consonant
; j : like '''y''' in '' '''y'''es''
===Stress and tone===
Word stress is '''always''' on the first syllable; compounds words have more than one stressed syllable. There is '''no tone whatsoever''' in Finnish speech, just a long strings of fairly monotone sounds, with all syllables given equal value except the first one. Foreigners tend to think this makes the language sound rather depressing; Finns, on the other hand, wonder why everybody else's languages—including Russian—sound so sing-songy.
; ''en juo'' : "I don't drink"
; ''et juo'' : "you don't drink"
; ''ei juo'' : "he /she doesn't drink"
; ''emme juo'' : "we don't drink"
; ''ette juo'' : "you all don't drink"
; I've been injured. : Olen loukkaantunut. (''OH-lehn LOH-ook-kahn-too-noot'')
; I need a doctor. : Tarvitsen lääkärin. (''TAHR-veet-sehn LAA-ka-reen'')
; Can I use your phone? : Voinko soittaaSaanko käyttää puhelintasi? (''VOINSAAN-koh SOITKA-UU-dAh POO-heh-LIN-tah-sih'')
====Bus and Train====
; How much is a ticket to _____? : Paljonko maksaa lippu maksaa _____? (''PAHL-yohn-koh MAHK-sah LEEP-poo MAHK-sah _____?'')
; One ticket to _____, please. : Yksi lippu _____, kiitos. (''UUK-see LEEP-poo ____, KEE-tohs'')
; Where does this train/bus go? : Minne tämä juna/bussi menee? (''MEEN-neh TA-ma YOO-nah/BOOS-see MEH-neh?'')
; femma : five
; kymppi : ten
; huntti , satku : hundred
; tonni : thousand}}
[ Summer courses] on Finnish language and culture are available at the major universities including [ Helsinki].
* [http://wwwvenla.henkimaainfo Venla.nuinfo] - Finnish for Beginners* [http:/finndex/suomea/learning/toolswww.uusikielemme.html Tools fi Finnish for Learning Finnishbusy people] - a great collection of online resources for learning Finnish
* [ Tavataan Taas!] - a good beginning course with audio samples
* [ Finnish swear words] - a more colorful language reference
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