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Mediterranean Turkey

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Other destinations
* [[Cilician Mountains]] — mostly rural part wth beautiful verdant mountain scenery dotted with by ancient citadels, all just a stone throw away from hundreds of kilometres of almost totally deserted beaches
* [[Cilician Plains]] (''Çukurova'') — the largest lowland of the country with some rocky hills topped by Crusader citadels as well as sites with Biblical importance
* [[Hatay]] — the southeastern part of the region which extends towards [[Syria]], and annexed to Turkey in 1939, almost two decades after the Republic was found, and therefore still maintains its [[Middle East|Mideast]]-influenced culture and great cuisine
* [[Lakes District]] (''Göller Yöresi'') — with many lakes little and big, this inland region is substantially different from coastal Mediterranean
* [[Lycia]] — rugged and heavily wooded, with many turquoise coves heavily indendating towards the land; this is the "blue voyage" country backed by impressive Lycian ruins and stunning landscapes
* [[Pamphylia]] — mainly a mass tourism destination, this is the shining gem of the Turkish Riviera with some of the clearest waters and longest sandy beaches along the Mediterranean; there are more than a few things to catch the glimpse of history lovers, too
* [[Adana]] — one of the biggest cities in the country, a riverside city with some industry
* [[Alanya]] — town east of Antalya with some history to see and beaches to swim
* [[Antakya]] (also known as '''Antioch''') — Great great food and history near the Syrian border; the home of '''Mosaic Museum''' with a rich Roman collection
* [[Fethiye]] — nestled on the tip of a gulf perfect for yachting, this town and its vicinity offers sports like paragliding or hiking (the [[Lycian Way]])
* [[Kaş]] — an unspoiled resort town with traditional architecture in the southwest of the region
* [[Narlıkuyu|Heaven and Hell]] — a geological curiosity, two large chasms next to each other located 4 km inland from sea shore
* [[Kayaköy]] — ghost town with plenty of hiking opportunities in the surrounding area
* [[Kemer]] - A resort town 45km south of Antalya. [[Olympos (Turkey)|Olympos]] Teleferik is close to Kemer
* [[Manavgat|Manavgat Waterfalls]] — waterfalls near Antalya
* [[Ölüdeniz]] — the "Blue Lagoon", picture of which is perhaps the most used image on travel brochures about Turkey
* [[Olympos (Turkey)|Olympos]] — backpacker destination with tree-houses in the forest near a pebble beach and Roman ruins, also featuring a rich nightlife
* [[Kınık|Xanthos and Letoon]] — ruins of the capital city of ancient Lycia, a [[UNESCO World Heritage Site]]
* [[Patara]] — Quiet town with sandy beach and Roman ruins
Mediterranean coast of Turkey is mostly a narrow strip of land squeezed in between pine-covered Taurus Mountains (''Toros'') and the Mediterranean Sea. Having speared been spared from pollution thanks to the lack of heavy industry, besides lying under one of the sunniest skies of [[Europe]] in addition to the , together with its rich art and history makes , make the region the top tourism destination in the country.
Water temperature of the Mediterranean Sea is around 28°C during summer, i.e. May through October.
Inland [[Lakes District]] has an altogether different continental climate than the rest of the region, and the winters can be severe and quite snowy there.
==Get around==
===By public transport===
'''Buses''' (for long-haul routes such as [[Antalya]] to [[Adana]]) and '''minibuses''' (for shorter routes between a major city and nearby towns) will be your main mode of transportation within the region. Services are fairly frequent and quite comfortable, and especially so in more touristed areas of [[Lycia]] and [[Pamphylia]].
'''Train''' service in the region is limited to [[Cilician Plains]] with a branch line south to [[Iskenderun]] in [[Hatay]]. [[Lakes District]] also has a (nowadays mostly unused) line stretching out to [[Aegean Turkey|northwest]].
There is no long-haul '''ferry''' route along the coast, however, round boat trips offer pleasant cruises into remoter parts of the coastline from major touristy towns.
There are no '''flights''' between region's airports.
===By car===
[[Image:Mamure.jpg|thumb|250px|Mamure Castle near [[Anamur]]]]
* '''Ruins''' — The region is dotted by many ancient city ruins. Most date back to indigenous civilizations of the region, which were expanded or rebuilt by Romans later.
* '''Citadels''' — Being on the strategic main route between [[Europe]] and [[Middle East]], there are also lots of citadels in the region, either surrounding the cities or in a valley or on a rocky hill to defend the nearby roads from unwanted guests. Many, especially those in the eastern portions of the region, are either built by Crusaders from scratch or heavily fortified.
==Stay safe==
Mediterranean Turkey lies on a more southern latitude than anywhere else in Europe except [[Cyprus]] and the Greek island of [[Crete]], so take it easy in the beginning of your trip and pay close attention to early signs of '''[[Sunburn and sun protection|heat stroke]]''' and '''dehydration'''. While on the beach, applying liberal amounts of sun lotion wouldn't hurt.
If you plan to spend time in the mountains, be wary of '''scorpions'''. They thrive in Mediterranean climate and rocky areas are their habitats, so never reach under a rock without carefully checking first. Keeping your backpack closed at all times will keep them out, and don't forget to check the inside of your shoes first, should you take them out for any amount of time.
On crowded public '''beaches''' (i.e., those that aren't owned and enclosed by a resort hotel), don't leave your valuables like cell phones and cameras unattended, or better yet, don't take them to the beach. While many beaches are patrolled by the police and security cameras, there are still reports of '''petty theft'''.
Otherwise, Mediterranean towns are very safe (and security forces very keen to keep them so), although there may be '''rough areas''' in large cities such as [[Antalya]], [[Mersin]], and [[Adana]].
==Get out==
* Most travellers intending to get deep into [[Middle East]] to the southeast of region cross to [[Syria]] from one of the border gates around [[Antakya]].
* If the Seljuq sites in Alanya and Antalya aroused your interest, head north to [[Central Anatolia]] for a lot more.
* [[Southeastern Anatolia]] to east is quite an off the beaten path destination and is an altogether different world.
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