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By taxi
You can talk about anything and everything including Gandhi, food, music, education, roads, religion in summers. They are generally more open to discussions in summer over the winters. The best way is to ask questions and once they are comfortable, they will tell you more. Use of "do not eat", "drink", "stand up" may sound rude to North Americans and Europeans, but they are not intended to be impolite. Infact if you know their local language, you will be surprised to see how polite they are. Abusing someone Use of swear words is considered as generally very rude and unfriendly. This is remarkably different than the northern part of Hindi-speaking India where swearing is, in general, acceptable. Most educated people do not mingle with locals for this reason. People will be open to suggest, if they know the stuff better than anyone else. Dussehra is the best and most photographed festivals of this city and it totally changes the pattern for atleast a week. Diwali is also very well celebrated here. Holi is generally dirty with bad colors which might cause severe irritation to eyes and skin and can be avoided with use of fruit-colors. You can ask your guest to check this before they shop for colors for Holi.
For a new educated traveller, it is good to talk about local colleges and the education standards or the local cuisine(which ranges infinitely).
The city is cool and very absorbent to different religions. The best high school education is provided by Christian schools, yet they are very expensive and completely lack the local cultural flavor.
==Get in==
===By plane===
Kingfisher Airlines operates daily flights from Delhi to Jabalpur. Indian Airlines operates flights four days a week from Delhi to Jabalpur. Their Spicejet is no now operating direct flight to Mumbaiand delhi. Jet Airways has a flight International travelers will be well connected to Jabalpur from both metro cities of Mumbai to Jabalpur via a 6-hour layover in Indoreand Delhi.
===By train===
Jabalpur is well-connected with superfast trains and express trains from [[Kolkata]], [[Ahmedabad]], [[Mumbai]], [[Bhopal]], [[Bandhavgarh (Umaria)]], [[Jaipur]], [[Lucknow]], [[Chennai]], [[Patna]], [[Hyderabad]], [[Bangalore]], [[Pune]], [[Goa]], [[Vadodara]], [[Jaipur]], [[Nagpur]], [[New Delhi]], [[Varanasi]] & [[Patna]].
===By car===
Jabalpur Travel Agents,
Singh Travels,
Jain Travels, [ MP Holiday Tours]And Online National Car rental Company [ ClearCar Rental] * <listing name="" alt="Jabalpur Car Rental" address="" directions="" phone="+91 888 023 4455" url="" hours="Inquiry: 7am to 11pm" price="Fares start from Rs.1675 for full day local &amp; Rs.9/km for Outstation" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="">Jabalpur Car Rental services on - a Chauffeur Driven Car Rental service in 75 Cities in India.</listing>
*'''Rani Durgavati Memorial and Museum'''. Dedicated to the memory of the great Queen Durgavati is her memorial and a museum which houses a fine collection of sculptures, inscriptions and prehistoric relics.
*'''Kanha Kisli National Park'''. Jabalpur is nearest big city to this park, which is one of the biggest in India and has the distinction of the successfully implemented Project Tiger, as part of the tiger conservation program in India. Every year the park attracts large numbers of tourists for watching tigers from close proximity. The park was also the inspiration for the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Further details can be checked from &
*'''[[Bandhavgarh National Park]]'''. This nearby national reserve forest has the highest density of tigers in the world, making it a good place to see a tiger in its natural habitat. It is in this valley where the white tiger was discovered.
*'''Bade Mahaveer Ji Ka Mandir, Jain Mandir, Kamaniya Gate, and markets of Jabalpur''' at Bada Fawwara. Old markets and wholesale markets, all are here in nearby areas.
* ''' Aspects School of Animation & Design India's Oldest Multimedia Training Institute
Navneeta, Hotel Samdareeya, Hotel Roopali Inn, Indian Coffee House, Traffic Jam and Arihant Palace are nice restaurants for dinner. For those interested in fast food, there is Cafe Coffee Day and Dominoes Pizza. You can get some the best indian -chinese food at Clock Tower and Kamling.
At nights the small vendors near Fuhara serve tasty food and desserts like Lassi, Rabri and Khova Jalebiat '''Badkul''',471 Jawahar Ganj, Near Kamaniya Gate.
However Jabalpurians(residents of Jabalpur) are often friendly and reserved to foreign tourists. If you could make a friend here, chances are high that he/she will invite you to their home for food. Depending upon their social, educational and spiritual beliefs, the cuisine will differ considerably. In more noble families, smoking and drinking is considered as strictly "No-No", the youngesters could help you out. Again drinking below the age of 18 is not allowed. Infact drinking is seen as immoral for most of the well-educated families. For sure, the food in the city dwellings will not leave you unsatisfied.
*<eat name="Patbaba Mandir" alt="" address="GCF Estate" directions="Jabalpur-Kundam road passes thru this Defence Estate" phone="917612712743" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">A famous Hanuman Mandir situated atop the Patbaba Hill situated in the Gun Carriage Factory (Defence Establishment) Estate. The temple is being managed by the Factory Establishment with well developed gardens. 'Patbaba' the chief deity of the temple, is revered by the Jabalpurians as The Great Hanuman who fulfils their wishes. It is open to public from 06.00am to 10.00 pm.</eat>
There are no good pubs or Bars in jabalpur. But there is a Descent bar in Narmada Jackson, but do not expect a lot out of it.
* '''Currency exchange''' {{-}} There is a branch of State Bank of India located in Civil Lines where foreign travellers can exchange US dollars and Euros mostly. The rates are standardized by SBI. However it might take awhile depending upon the processing speed of officials and not their computers. This is the safest and most economical way of exchanging money in the city.
you can also buy a few marble stone statues and souvenirs from Bheda ghat or some shops located near city Bengali club and bada fuhara (big fountain)
Most most of the residents work budget hotels in government institutions which have their guest housesJablapur are located around Russel Chowk(circle). These guest houses are also called as Rest houses and are comfortable places to pass the nightExpecta tarrif of 800 - 1200 INR. Again, finding  There is a local friend is most helpful as they would be willing to let you stay 5 star hotel too in their house for few days/nightsCivil lines Jabalpur named '''Narmada Jackson''' (previously Jackson hotel) A three star hotel near 2 bridge(dusra pull) over head railway crossing named '''Rishi Regency'''. This way it  Another good hotel is easier to see the country life here'''Ashoka''' near jabalpur stadium. Other good hotels are "Hotel Kalchuri" and "Samdariya".
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