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Mount Roraima

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Get around
==Get around==
*There are at least 4 operators:
**1.) Backpacker tours - run by a German-Venezuelan family**2.) Mystic tours - Apparently the oldest one. Good and cheap**3.) Marcos - great cook, slightly more expensive**4.) Francisco - good and cheap too.
*There are a lot of Europeans on the trail. I did not see any Americans on the trip. There were some Venezuelans and mostly Germans, French and English tourists with ALL companies. In my humble opinion, German tourists are the worst degraders of the trail each carrying one porter or more per person.
There are 5 ways to do it:
*Rates have recently increased so the rates below do not reflect actual rates. **1.) Fully ported, porters carry everything - check to see if everything includes sleeping bag, matress personal effects, etc. around 2000 Bsf.**2.) Pay-to-be-a-porter, as above, but you carry 12 kgs. around 1150**3.) Self-equipped and -catered -700-800 bsf**4.) Get to paratepui by yourself and hire a guide there (150+ bsf per day for the guide for the entire group)**5.) Going on your own, with or without permission from inparques.
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