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Chicago/Near North

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This area has been a part of Chicago from the beginning, when Fort Dearborn was built on the other side of the river in 1803 (and burned to the ground nine years later, establishing an unfortunate civic trend). But ever since the early 1920s, when bridges were built to draw shoppers away from State Street in the [[Chicago/Loop|Loop]], there has been too much to sell, too much awe to inspire, and not a minute to spare. That's why the Near North can be such a delight at a tourist's pace. The locals are in a hurry, but if you're not, the serene image of the old Water Tower or the resolutely quiet riverwalk can take on the feel of a private discovery, even with all of these people around.
That's not to say you can't have fun getting caught up in the hustle and bustle, of course. The sheer amount of shopping on Michigan Avenue cannot be overstated. The world's most elite fashion designers are all represented here, and the rest wish they were. River North has many of the city's busiest (if not best) clubs, with a dense row on Rush Street. In the Near North, you'll find a few significant members of the [[Chicago skyline guide|Chicago skyline]], including the '''John Hancock Center''' and '''Lake Point Tower''', which stands alone to the east at the end of a new, steel-and-glass future-scape in south Streeterville; it makes for an impressive view from Lake Shore Drive, and serves as an entryway to one of the city's most popular tourist spots, '''Navy Pier''', a great place for entertaining children and catching the breeze from Lake Michigan with an evening stroll or a turn on the 150-foot tall '''Ferris Wheel'''.
==Get in==
{{Infobox|What's that island?|That is Goose Island, an oddity of downtown Chicago, from which Chicago's biggest craft brewery takes its name. Named after an early Irish immigrant community that who supposedly raised geese as livestock, the island was formed when landowner and Mayor William Ogden oversaw the building of a canal around its east side. Throughout its history, the island was an industrial center, although but in recent times it seemed its riverfront location and splendid downtown views would ensure its conversion to condominiums. But that That change was halted in 1990 when Mayor Daley backed its new status as a "Protected Manufacturing District."}}
===By train===
===By bus===
[[Image:Near north map.png|thumb|630px]]
An intricate web of CTA bus lines serves the Near North, most converging upon the northern end of Michigan Avenue. Several express buses from other parts of the city serve Michigan Avenue, notably the '''147 Outer Drive Express''' from the north side and '''3 King Drive Express''' from the south side. Once you're here, though, you'll will find it better to cover the Magnificent Mile on foot.
* '''22 Clark''' is useful for travelers coming from the [[Chicago/Loop|Loop]] and the [[Chicago#Districts|North Side]] to River North.
===By car===
Don't drive Avoid driving to the Near North unless you have a very good reason for doing so. Streets are packed with taxis, confused tourists, desperate businessmen late for something or other, and even the occasional horse. Your knuckles don't need the strain.
* <see name="Bridgehouse & Chicago River Museum" alt="" address="376 N Michigan Ave" directions="Lake CTA" phone="+1 312 977-0227" email="" fax="" hours="Th-M 10AM-5PM" price="$4 adults, $3 children 6-12 and seniors, children 5 and under free" url=""> Open late spring (mid-May), summer, and fall. A new, small museum spread over the five floors of the southwest tower of the Michigan Avenue Bridge. Visitors can see displays on the history of Chicago's famously abused river, and also check out the machinery used for raising the bridge.</see>
*<see name="The Driehaus Museum" alt="" address="40 E Erie St" directions="Chicago Red Line" phone="+1 312 482 8933" url="" hours="Tu-Sa 10AM-5PM, Su 12PM-5PM" price="" lat="" long="">Adorning the first floor are decorative arts from the collection of the museum's namesake, Richard H. Driehaus, with plenty of Tiffany stained glass. But it's the restored 1883 mansion itself that garners glowing reviews; inside are 17 different types of marble, hand-painted ceilings, carved exotic wood wainscoting and other marks of superior 19th-century craftsmanship. If you're interested in historic architecture and interior design, this is still a hidden gem without crowds. General admission is $20, but there are good senior and student discounts and occasional free programs that include admission.</see>
* <see name="Hancock Observatory" alt="" address="John Hancock Center, 875 N Michigan Ave" directions="Chicago Red Line" phone="1-888 875-8439" email="" fax="" hours="9AM-11PM" price="$15 adults, $10 children" url=""> 360-degree view from the 94th floor. Not quite as high as the Sears Tower Skydeck, but with a [[Chicago skyline guide|better view]], and from January to March, an ice-skating rink! For drinks, see the Signature Room [[Chicago/Near North#Drink|below]].</see>
* <do name="Newberry Library" alt="" address="60 W Walton St" directions="Chicago Red Line" phone="+1 312 943–9090" email="" fax="" hours="Reading rooms Tu-F 9AM-5PM, Sa 9AM-1PM" price="Free" url=""> The oldest public library in Chicago, although not part of the city library system. The collection focuses on the humanities, American and European history, and the age of exploration. Occasional author events are held.</do>
* <see name="Pritzker Military Library" alt="" address="610 N Fairbanks Ct104 S Michigan Ave" directions="Grand Monroe Red Line" phone="+1 312 587374-02349333" email="" fax="" hours="MW 11AM-4PM, Th 11AM-7PM F 8:30AM-4:30PMSa 10AM-4PM" price="Free" url=""> A goldmine for people interested in military history, both scholarly and as told by the men and women who lived it, with a vast collection of books, prints, photos, and other military artifacts, and gallery exhibitions. Free evening Evening events with major authors and Medal of Honor recipients are held throughout the year, mostly on Thursday nights; check the schedule on the website. It's moving to 104 S Michigan in the [[Chicago/Loop|Loop]] in 2011.</see>
* <see name="Tribune Tower" alt="" address="435 N Michigan Ave" directions="Grand Red Line" phone="+1 312 222-9100" hours="" email="" fax="" url="" price=""> Built in 1925, the walls of the Tribune Tower contain rocks from many famous world landmarks, including: the Taj Mahal, the Parthenon, the Great Pyramid, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the Great Wall of China, the Berlin Wall, and most recently from the demolished World Trade Center. The Tribune Tower even managed to get its hands on a moon rock, but so far NASA hasn't allowed it to add the rock to the wall.</see>
* <buy name="Tiffany & Co." alt="" address="730 N Michigan Ave" directions="Chicago Red Line" phone="+1 312 944-7500" email="" fax="" hours="M-Sa 10AM-6PM, Su 12-5PM" price="" url=""> Internationally renowned retailer of jewelry, sterling silverware, china, crystal, and more. </buy>
* <buy name="Water Tower Place" alt="" directions="Chicago Red Line" address="835 N Michigan Ave" directions="Chicago Red Line" phone="+1 312 440-3166" email="" faxurl="" hours="M-Sa 10AM-9PM, Su 11AM-6PM" price="" urllat="" long="" email="" fax=""> Features an eight-level atrium and over a hundred stores, from fashionable clothes to the Chicago Cubs Clubhouse, and a new Lego store.</buy>
===Other shops===
* <eat name="Pizzeria UNO" alt="" address="29 E Ohio St" directions="Grand Red Line" phone="+1 312 321-1000" url="" hours="Su 11AM-11:30PM, M-F 11AM-1AM, Sa 11AM-2AM" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax=""> By some reckonings, the original deep dish pizza joint. The name has been diminished over the last few years by over-expansion, but this is the original location — they do it better here. Their Italian beef is excellent as well. See also DUE, around the corner at 619 N Wabash. </eat>
* <see name="Weber Grill" alt="" address="539 N State St" directions="inside the Hilton Garden Inn" phone="+1 312 467-9696" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-Th 11AM-11PM, F 11AM-midnight, Sa 11:30AM-midnight, Su 11:30AM-11PM" price="$12-36">A local grill & BBQ suburban chain from the suburbs serving up the best BBQ in downtown Chicago. But keep in mind that the steaks are of low quality and overpriced and that the best of Chicago barbecue is off in the neighborhoods — look for Smoque on the [[Chicago/Far Northwest Side|Far Northwest Side]] or any of the great South Side Memphis-style BBQ joints.</see>
* <eat name="West Egg Cafe" alt="" address="620 N Fairbanks Ct" directions="Grand Red Line" phone="+1 312 280-8366" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-F 6:30AM-3PM, Sa-Su 7AM-3PM" price="$12"> This brunch spot is hugely popular with locals and hotel guests alike — expect long lines early in the day, tapering off toward lunchtime. Though it has several healthy options, West Egg is definitely best known for its remorseless piles of eggs and gravy, pancakes and bacon, and some good sandwiches.</eat>
* <eat name="Gibsons Bar and Steakhouse" alt="" address="1028 N Rush St" directions="Clark/Division Red Line" phone="+1 312 266-8999" email="" fax="" hours="11AM-midnight; bar 11AM-2AM" price="" url=""> Look on the wall at the pictures of countless celebrities who have dined at Gibsons and you'll see why it's a must for those who want to stretch their wallets during a visit to Chicago. You may run into a celebrity yourself.</eat>
* <eat name="Lawry's Prime Rib" alt="" address="100 E Ontario St" directions="" phone="+1 312 787-5000" email="" faxurl="" hours="Lunch M-Sa 11:30AM-2PM, Dinner M-Th 5-10:30PM, F-Sa 5-10PM, Su 3-10PM" price="" urllat="" long="" email="" fax=""> As elegant an interior as any Chicago restaurant can offer. Mind the dress code, and come carnivorous or don't come at all.</eat>
* <eat name="Naha" alt="" address="500 N Clark St" directions="" phone="+1 312 321-6242" email="" fax="" url="" hours="Lunch: M-F 11:30AM-2PM, Dinner: M-Th 5:30PM-9:30PM, F-Sa 5:30PM-10PM" price="$40-80">An exceptional fusion restaurant headed by a star Armenian-American chef and specializing in Californian and Mediterranean-inspired dishes.</eat>
* <eat name="Rosebud's Steakhouse" alt="" address="192 E Walton Pl" directions="Chicago Red Line" phone="+1 312 397-1000" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-Th 11:30AM-11PM, F 11:30AM-midnight, Sa 3PM-midnight, Su 3-10PM" price=""> A strong contender in the Best Burger in Chicago stakes, and not bad for steaks either. There's also '''Rosebud's on Rush''' [], an older branch with more celebrity photos on the wall, but the Walton location is more of a favorite with the neighborhood.</eat>
* <eat name="Spiaggia" alt="" address="980 N Michigan Ave" directions="Chicago Red Line" phone="+1 312 280-2750" url="" hours="M-Th 6-9:30PM, F-Sa 5:30-10:30PM, Su 6-9PM; Lounge 5:30-11PM" price="$30-90" lat="" long="" email="" fax=""> World-class contemporary regional Italian fair fare with classic touches in a remarkable dining room overlooking the Magnificent Mile. Jackets required for men, though ties are optional.</eat>
'''Rush Street''' is probably the single best-known street for drinking and clubbing in Chicago. It's lined with late-night bars, both fashion-of-the-moment designer clubs and generic fake-Irish pubs. Rush Street branches off from State south of Elm and runs parallel to State from there, although the action is north of Chicago Avenue. There's also a similar densely-populated strip of late-night clubs on '''Division''', between Clark and State. Be warned: the Rush Street bars are often referred to by locals as the "Viagra Triangle" for reasons that will become clear shortly after you arrive.
* <eat name="Andy's Jazz Club" alt="" address="11 E Hubbard St" directions="" phone="+1 312 642-6805" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-F 11:30AM-1:30AM, Sa 5PM-2AM, Su 5PM-1AM" price="Admission: Su-Th $5, F-Sa $10, Dinner: $15-25">A nice and slightly less pretentious jazz club featuring straight-ahead performances nightly.</eat>
* <sleep name="Comfort Inn & Suites Downtown Chicago Hotel" alt="" address="15 E Ohio St" directions="Grand Red Line" phone="+1 312 894-0900" email="" fax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rooms from $179 a night" url=""></sleep>
* <sleep name="Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott" alt="" address="216 E Ontario St" directions="Grand Red Line" phone="+1 312 787-3777" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rooms from $129">185 rooms and suites just one block east of Michigan Avenue on the corner of Ontario St and N St Clair St.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Flemish House of Chicago" alt="" address="68 E Cedar St" directions="" phone="+1 312 664-9981" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rooms from $150">Furnished studio and one bedroom apartments in a historic 19th century greystone on a quiet Gold Coast street.</sleep>
[[Image:Watertowerandparkhyatt.jpg|thumb|240px|The Water Tower stands tall at dusk]]
* <sleep name="Avenue Hotel Chicago" alt="" address="160 E Huron St" directions="Grand Red Line" phone="+1 877 283-5110" email="" fax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rooms from $209 a night" url=""> Located in the heart of Magnificent Mile, formerly Formerly the Radisson.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Conrad Chicago" alt="" address="521 N Rush St" directions="Grand Red Line" phone="+1 312 645-1500" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rooms from $215"> Adjoins The Shops at North Bridge.</sleep>
* <sleep name="The Drake" alt="" address="140 E Walton Pl" directions="Chicago Red Line" phone="+1 312 787-2200" email="" fax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rooms from $255 a night" url=""> It was swallowed into the Hilton chain some years ago, but the Drake is still the definition of old Chicago elegance. Founded in 1920, it's on the National Register of Historic Places, and probably has a longer list of celebrity guests than any hotel in the city, save possibly the Palmer House in the [[Chicago/Loop|Loop]]. It's right off Michigan Avenue and the prime shopping district.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Embassy Suites Chicago-Downtown Magnificent Mile" alt="Grand Red Line" address="600 N State St" directions="" phone="+1 312 943-3800" email="" fax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rooms from $249 a night" url=""> Not right on Michigan Avenue, despite the name, but an easy walk.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Four Points by Sheraton Chicago" alt="" address="630 N Rush St" directions="" phone="+1 312 981-6600" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rooms from $275" lat="" long="" email="" fax=""> New hotel with 226 rooms and suites that include in-room refrigerators and microwaves; many rooms also feature balconies and whirlpool tubs. Service is excellent, and this is a good place to find cheap rates during slow periods.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Hilton Garden Inn Chicago Downtown Magnificent Mile" alt="" address="10 E Grand Ave" directions="Grand Red Line" phone="+1 877 782-9444" email="" faxurl="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rooms from $229 a night" urllat="" long="" email="" fax=""> Located just off the Magnificent Mile, and adjacent to the River North dining & entertainment area.</sleep>
* <sleep name="James Hotel Chicago" alt="" address="55 E Ontario St" directions="Grand Red Line" phone="+1 877 526-3755" email="" fax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rooms from $279 a night" url="">A boutique hotel with a gym, restaurant, and modern touches such as large LCD TV's, iPod docks, wireless internet, and martini glasses in the mini-bar.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Omni Chicago Hotel" alt="" address="676 N Michigan Ave" directions="Chicago Red Line" phone="+1 312 944-6664" email="" fax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rooms from $229" url=""> Among the amenities are an indoor swimming pool and two rooftop sundecks.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers" alt="" address="301 E North Water St" directions="Grand Red Line" phone="+1 877-242-2558" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rooms from $199 a night" lat="" long="" email="" fax=""> The Sheraton does enormous business for business meetings On the Chicago River, within walking distance of Navy Pier and conventionsMagnificent Mile. Most rooms offer views over the Chicago River. Among the amenities are an indoor swimming pool and a health club. The hotel has a Shula's steak house (Shula, a Chicago Burger Company, a LB's) Bistro & Pâtisserie and a burger joint, as well as an indoor swimming poolJava Bar.</sleep>
* <sleep name="The Talbott Hotel" alt="" address="20 E Delaware Pl" directions="Chicago Red Line" phone="+1 312 944-4970" email="" fax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rooms from $209 a night" url=""> 16-story boutique hotel down the block from the Hancock. Though built in 1927, they tout their eco-friendly updates. ''Crain's'' ranked it the city's best hotel for business travelers.</sleep>
* <sleep name="The Park Hyatt" alt="" address="800 N Michigan Ave" directions="Chicago Red Line" phone="+1 312 335-1234" email="" fax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rooms from $495 a night" url=""> A bona-fide member of the [[Chicago skyline guide|Chicago skyline]], towering over the Water Tower and the Magnificent Mile. Guest rooms are sleek, stylish, and comfortable, and the hotel's NoMi restaurant is quite good.</sleep>
* <sleep name="The Peninsula" alt="" address="108 E Superior St" directions="Grand Red Line" phone="+1 866 288-8889" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rooms from $525 a night" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">The Peninsula has been recognized Recognized by AAA with a Five-Diamond award. That combined with its high prices and the Mag Mile address mean top-notch service, bells & whistles, and impressive views. Those not sleeping here may want to stop by on a Friday or Saturday night for the Lobby's all-you-can-eat high-end chocolate buffet (8PM-11:30PM, $26).</sleep>
* <sleep name="The Ritz Carlton" alt="" address="160 E Pearson St" directions="Chicago Red Line" phone="+1 312 266-1000" email="" fax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rooms from $470 a night" url=""> Atop the Water Tower Place shopping center.</sleep>
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