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'''Karakul ''' is a small village on the [[Pamir]] Highway surrounded by a large Crater lake. It sits on a desolate high plain. If you are coming from [[Kyrgystan]] beware of possible Altitude Sickness.
There is a rest house for truckers that will serve a hardy dinner, its cheap but don't go expecting it to be pristine clean.
{{stub}}==Understand==The people who live in Karakul are primarily ethnic Kyrgyz. No one speaks English here, so basic Russian or Kyrgyz is advisable. ==Get in== ==Get around== ==See== ==Do== ==Buy==There is a tiny shop which sells extremely basic products. They do not sell bottled water so if you don't like tea, make sure you bring something to purify your water. ==Eat== ==Drink==Tea - every household will make tea as their primary source of hydration. You might find some bottled juices or other drinks at the shop, but don't expect much. ==Sleep==*<sleep name="Homestay at the edge of town" alt="" address="" directions="Don't worry, you can't miss it" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$9 bed, $4 dinner, $2 breakfast" lat="" long=""></sleep>  ==Contact== ==Get out== 
[[WikiPedia:Karakul (Tajikistan)]]

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