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Shebenik-Jabllanice National Park

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[[Image:Towards Jabllanice Mountain.jpg|thumb|400px|right|Looking to Jabllanice Mountain]]
'''Shebenik-Jabllanice National Park''' is in the [[Librazhd]] and Bulqizë regions of [[Albania]]. It is one of Albania's newest national parks, having been created in 2008. The park occupies the northeastern section of the district of Librazhd and runs along the border with [[Republic of Macedonia|Macedonia]].
[[Image:IMG_1109.jpg|thumb|300px|right|A pasture on the edge of the park]]
The climate is temperate with dry warm summers and cool wet winters, though the highest reaches of the park are often covered in snow until May.
[[Image:AlbaniaLibrazhdLlange.jpg|thumb|300px|right|A pasture on Mountains in the edge park near the village of the parkLlange]]
==Get in==
*From the north, from [[Peshkopi]] or [[Debar]] it can be reached by the Peshkopi-Librazhd road at the access in the village of Stebleve, or continue down to the entrances below.
*From [[Tirana]], [[Elbasan]] or west, the park can be reached by the Tirana-Skopje Highway. Turn off in Librazhd and follow the signs for Peshkopi. After about half an hour15 minutes, near the village of Dorez, signs detailing the park are on the right.
*From Macedonia, [[Pogradec]] or [[Korca]], take the Tirana highway and the park can be accessed just before the town of Prrenjas near the village of Rrajc. Also, one can continue to Librazhd, and access the park as described above.
There are no entrance fees.[]
==Get around==
Most of the roads around the peripery of the park are dirt roads, a few requiring four-wheel drive. Further, there are 4 newly marked hiking trails which traverse the park. They Maps for the trails in the park can be obtained free from the Librazhd Forest Directorate, near the train station. +355 51 423 738 or +355 67 207 9658
*Go for a hike!
*Swim in a number of the small rivers or glacial ponds which traverse cover the park. [[Image:IMG_1109.jpg|thumb|300px|left|A pasture on the edge of the park]]
There are hotels in [[Librazhd]] and along the Tirana-[[Skopje]] National Road.
'''In Librazhd'''
*<sleep name="Aldeco" alt="" address="Town Square" directions="Across From the City Hall" phone="+355 " url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="2000 Leke" lat="" long="">A room with two beds is 2000 Leke a night and includes coffee, tea, or espresso as well as washing and ironing for those staying longer. Furthermore, extended visitors may negotiate lower prices. There is no reception, but you may inquire for a room at the attached bar which is open until midnight. The owner's name is Agron Gurra. </sleep>
'''In the Park'''
*<sleep name="Hotel Hasa" alt="" address="Stebleve" directions="" phone="0682158475" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">This 10 room hotel is located just outside one of the entrances to the park in Stebeleve, about halfway between [[Peshkopi]] and Librazhd.
Rooms, which contain a queen size and a twin bed, are 2,500 Lek.</sleep>
There are currently no establish established camping sites in the park, but it . Camping is allowed in within the confines of the park, but check to make sure you're not on someone's property!
==Stay safe==
Remember there are bears, wolfswolves, and reportedly lynx living with the park. Though there have been no reports of recent incidents, practice caution around wild animals.
==Get out==

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