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* <see name="Diversion Dam" alt="" address="" directions="6km west of town on Victoria Hwy" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">This antiquated looking dam holds back Lake Kununurra on one side and feeds a steady trickle into the irrigation channels on the other. All kinds of massive iron pulleys, levers and mechanical doodads from an erstwhile grand engineering age can be seen as you drive slowly over the wall. A spray on white water continuously surges through one of its 20 gates next to a shady picnic area and boat ramp. A good place to cast a fishing line into the churning water during the dry season, but is sometimes submerged in the wet.</see>
* <see name="Ivanhoe Crossing" alt="" address="Ivanhoe RoadRd" directions="" phone="" emailurl="" hours="" price="" faxlat="" urllong="" hoursemail="" pricefax="">About 10km north of town out past the farms is the permanently submerged crossing over (or under) the Ord river. Popular with locals fishing for Barramundi, it's also a nice spot to have a BBQ or explore along the waters edge. As inviting at the water looks, taking a dip isn't advisable as freshwater crocs got in first, and they don't like to share. Crossing in a 4WD is possible when water levels are low, but during the wet season, the river swells to a torrent and makes the way impassable for all but the most foolhardy.</see>
* <see name="Kelly's Knob" alt="" address="Kelly Rd" directions="off Speargrass Rd" phone="" url="" hours="" price="Free" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Visible from anywhere in town, Kelly's knob is the highest point (191m) for miles, making it the ideal place to get a wide view of the valley and surrounding ranges. A railed lookout area next to the carpark is a suitable vantage point to see all the main features. Those itching to see further can hop over the pitiful fence uphill from the carpark and follow a well worn trail along the hill face to the service stairs that lead to TV tower and the knob's peak. Sunset is the best time to visit.</see>

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