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Washington, D.C./Dupont Circle

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[[Image:Dupont Circle fountain during autumn.jpg|thumb|350px|print=lead|The Fountain on Dupont Circle]]
[[Image:Dupont Circle map.png|thumb|650px]]
'''Dupont Circle''' is D.C.'s trendiest neighborhood, owing to its collection of night clubs, bars, cafes, art galleries, and shops. It is widely considered the epicenter of the gay community in D.C.
==Get in==
[[Image:Dupont Circle map.png|thumb|650px]]
===By metro===
* <see name="The Brewmaster's Castle" alt="Christian Heurich House Museum" address="1307 New Hampshire Ave NW" directions="" phone="+1 202 429-1894" email="[email protected]" fax="+1 202 463-1307" url="" hours="Walk-in tours: Th-F 11AM,1PM; Sa 11AM,1PM,2:30PM" price="Free, suggested donation $5">Competing with the Smithsonian for top castle status in the District is the Victorian mansion of one Christian Heurich, who immigrated to the states from Germany to become a wildly successful real estate baron and brewer. (He also holds the title of world's oldest brewer, having kept up his work until his death at a ripe age of 102.) It's a striking example of Victorian architecture and design, and even if you don't make it to a tour, there's a nice Victorian garden in the back open to the public M-F 10AM-4PM, spring-fall.</see>
* <see name="Mansion on O Street Mansion" alt="" address="2020 O St NW" directions="" phone="+1 202 496-2020" email="" fax="" url="" hours="By reservation only" price="Tours: $5-50/person, rooms: $350-850">The only way you will possibly get a handle on what this mysterious place is about is to visit. In their own words: ''The Mansion on O Street is a way of life, not a business. As a small private luxury hotel and club, conference center, and museum, we combine art, architecture, literature and inspiration to craft an exhilarating, entertaining experience. Having been a haven for heads of state, foreign dignitaries, business leaders, writers, artists, musicians, scientists, and members of the entertainment industry, The Mansion offers privacy, security, distinctive amenities and world-class cuisine, all in an environment that is nothing short of magical.'' Between hundreds of rooms, a collection of some 20,000 books, dozens of secret passages, a collection of John Lennon's guitars, modern art and curiosities of all stripes in every room (virtually anything of which is for sale if you're interested), frequent concerts by legends of rock and R&B, numerology evaluations, banquets, etc., your curiosity will probably find enough piquing here to justify the advance reservations for tours. It's also a luxury B&B, if you are looking for ''extremely'' eccentric accommodations in the city.</see>
*<see name="The Phillips Collection" alt="" address="1600 21st St NW" directions="" phone="+1 202 387-2151" url="" hours="T-Sa 10AM-5PM, Su 11AM-6PM" price="Special Exhibit prices vary; Permanent Collection: Tu-F: donation suggested, Sa-Su: Adults $10, Seniors and Students $8" lat="" long="">The Phillips Collection, opened in 1921, is America’s first museum of modern art. Featuring a renowned permanent collection of nearly 2,500 works by American and European impressionist and modern artists, the Phillips is internationally recognized for both its incomparable art and its intimate atmosphere. Housed in founder Duncan Phillips' 1897 Georgian Revival home, The Phillips Collection is widely regarded as one of the world’s finest small museums.</see>
[[Image:Dupont Circle Shops.jpg|thumb|270px|Shops on Connecticut Ave north of Dupont Circle]]
* <buy name="Melody Record Shop" alt="" address="1623 Connecticut Ave NW" directions="" phone="+1 202 232-4002" email="" fax="" url="" hours="Su-Th 10AM-10PM, F-Sa 10AM-11PM" price="">A small store packed thick and dense with CDs (very little vinyl). The music is a little more expensive than you'd pay at a soulless chain or online, but you get the added benefit of very knowledgeable service, and a great hand-picked selection. A great place to find jazz albums.</buy>
* <buy name="Record Onions Red Onion Records and Books" alt="" address="1901 18th St NW" directions="" phone="+1 202 986-2718" email="" fax="" url="" hours="Tu-Th Sa noon-7PM, F-Sa noon-8PM, Su noon-5PM" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">The friendly owner is an afficianado with a huge second-ahdn hand vinyl collection (and CDs and books about music). The store is quite small, so he has a carefully hand-picked selection on display, with some rare finds waiting for a browser to uncover. If there's a specialty here, it's indie.</buy>
* <eat name="Five Guys Burgers and Fries" alt="" address="1645 Connecticut Ave" directions="" phone="+1 202 328-3483" email="" fax="" url="" hours="11AM-11PM daily" price="$5-10">A beloved local chain, serving the city's best basic made-to-order burger and fries, and of course free peanuts. While terrificly unhealthy, the fries in particular are fantastic. This chain is the only place in the city to get ''boardwalk fries''—the kind served on the Maryland and Delaware beaches—fresh cut and fried in 100% peanut oil.</eat>
* <eat name="Julia's Empanadas" alt="" address="1221 Connecticut Ave NW" directions="" phone="+1 202 861-8828" url="" hours="Su-Th 10AM-2AM, F-Sa 10AM-4AM" price="$3.75 Each" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Better for a snack than for a full meal, Julia's offers authentic Chilean food in the form of big specialty ''empanadas'' (stuffed savory pastries). Popular late at night among inebriated locals strolling out of the nearby bars. Other locations Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, Brightwood. </eat>
* <eat name="Regent Thai " alt="" address="1910 18th St NW" directions="" phone="+1 202 232-1781" email="" fax="" url="" hours="Lunch: M-F 11:30AM-3PM; Sa Noon-3PM; Dinner: Su-Th 5PM-10PM; F-Sa 5PM-11PM" price="$15-30">Thai in the U.S. (and certainly in D.C.) is often nice for a cheap meal with just a little bit of flair, and not much beyond that. But this is one of best Thai places in the city, and serves up less greasy, more authentic dishes, in an attractive space (and it's not quite as cheap). Strangely, they serve free sodas—not just free refills—which makes this a good bet if you're thirsty. The spice levels, which you can control per request, are higher here than you'd find elsewhere, so those extra drinks are extra useful.</eat>
* <eat name="Stars Bistro and Bar" alt="formerly Mimi's American Bistro" address="2120 P St NW" directions="" phone="+1 202 464-6464" email="" fax="" url="" hours="11:30AM-midnight daily; brunch: Sa-Su 10AM-3PM" price="$20-30">Waiters double as cabaret singers here, and weekend brunch sees live jazz. The food—American bistro with a Mediterranean twist—is decent, but not stellar. The main reason to come is for the performance element. Servers start singing W-Su at 7:30PM.</eat>
* <eat name="Uni A Sushi Place" alt="" address="2122 P St NW" directions="" phone="+1 202 833-8038" url="" hours="M-F 11:30AM-2PM; M-Th 5PM-10PM; F 5PM-11PM; Sa 1PM-11PM; Su 5-9:30PM" price="$15-25" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Reasonably priced "American Sushi" place, with good fresh sushi—the best you'll find anywhere near here without spending a fortune (see Sushi taro below), amid a somewhat lacklustre atmosphere. Selections are interesting—not just standard nigiri and california roll fare, along with good vegetarian sushi.</eat>
[[Image:Dupont Circle Shops.jpg|thumb|270px|Shops on Connecticut Ave north of Dupont Circle]]
Dupont Circle is most widely known as the gay capital of the nation's capital, with many gay bars and clubs, particularly along P St, and parties of various themes running seven nights a week. But Dupont's nightlife scene is so big and varied, that Washingtonians would not ever think of it as some sort of LGBT ghetto—packed into this little area are endless bars, clubs, and lounges catering to all sorts of different people, with the one exception that they're usually all well-heeled. The main nightlife stretches are along Connecticut Ave just north and south of the Circle, P St west of the Circle, and on 17th between P and T St.
* <drink name="The Big HuntBar Dupont" alt="" address="1345 Connecticut Ave NW" directions="in the Dupont Hotel" phone="+1 202 785797-23330169" email="" fax="" url="http://thebighuntdoylecollection.netcom/locations/washington_dc_hotels/the_dupont_hotel/eat__drink/restaurant__bar.aspx" hours="M-Th 4PM11:30AM-2AM1:30AM, F 4PM11:30AM-3AM2:30AM, Sa 4PM11AM-3AM2:30AM, Su 5PM11AM-2AM11PM" price="" lat>A classy place at the bottom of the Dupont Hotel with the best people watching in town through its wall of windows right on Dupont Circle. The drinks are excellent, and the happy hour special—$5 for their signature cocktails—is quite a bargain for this location.</drink> * <drink name="Bier Baron" alt="" address="1523 22nd St NW" longdirections="" phone="+1 202 293-1885" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-Th 11:30AM-2AM, F 11:30AM-3AM, Sa 6PM-3AM, Su 6PM-2AM" price="Beer: $4-$14">The Big Hunt is another very popularRemodeled in 2010, very large this bar right off features 500 different beers on the circlemenu, full of friendly twenty and thirty-something singlesincluding around 20 on tap. The safari theme throughout is interesting, but those comfy booths servers are remarkably knowledgeable if you are the number one reason to have your beers here—if looking for particular recommendations—and they might talk you can get one, out of that is. If not, there are plenty second rate Zimbabwean lager you just ordered in favor of other places to explore. The red basement has extraordinarily bizarre decor, and is a lot quieter for conversationsfar superior ''Mosi'' from Zambia. There are four three levels including a rooftop and and second bar room and basement that occasionally open to accommodate overflowTry the sweet potato fries.</drink>
* <drink name="BrickskellerThe Big Hunt" alt="" address="1523 22nd St 1345 Connecticut Ave NW" directions="" phone="+1 202 293785-1885" email="" fax="2333" url="http://lovethebeerthebighunt.comnet/brickskeller.html" hours="M-Th 11:30AM4PM-2AM, F 11:30AM4PM-3AM, Sa 6PM4PM-3AM, Su 6PM5PM-2AM" price="Beer: $4-$14" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">This The Big Hunt is one of D.C.'s most famous barsanother very popular, very large bar right off the circle, with '''''1000 bottles full of beer''''' on the menu (usually about friendly twenty on tap)and thirty-something singles. The servers safari theme throughout is interesting, but those comfy booths are remarkably knowledgeable if the number one reason to have your beers here—if you can get one, that is. If not, there are looking for particular recommendations—and they might talk you out of that second rate Zimbabwean lager you just ordered in favor plenty of other places to explore. The red basement has extraordinarily bizarre decor, and is a far superior ''Mosi'' from Zambialot quieter for conversations. You would think There are three levels including a bar with such a fancy beer menu combined with boatloads of yuppies rooftop and and Euros couldn't possibly retain any cred as a "dive second bar," but somehow the place remains remarkably graffitied, dark, brick, room and interesting (particularly the bathrooms...). Regardless of the divey character, this is a nice place for anyone basement that occasionally open to come have a drink or a sandwich. Try the sweet potato friesaccommodate overflow.</drink>
* <drink name="Buffalo Billiards" alt="" address="1330 19th St NW" directions="" phone="+1 202 684 8700" email="" fax="" url="" hours="Su-Th noon-2AM, F-Sa noon-3AM" price="">Huge bar located in basement right off Dupont Circle. Popular among fraternity boys, but a good place to watch football games, drink beer, and play billiards. Serves appetizers till late.</drink>
* <drink name="JR's Bar and Grill" alt="" address="1519 17th St NW" directions="" phone="+1 202 328-0090" email="" fax="" url="" hours="Su-Th 4PM-2AM, F-Sa 2PM-3AM" price="">Gay central! On weekends, and even weeknights, JR's is ''packed'' with fashion-conscious yuppie gay men, although there is no dress code, and the crowd isn't snobby-judgmental. In general, the friendly people are the reason to come—otherwise it's just a very crowded bar. Monday show tunes nights are ''very'' popular.</drink>
* <drink name="Lucky Bar" alt="" address="1221 Connecticut Ave NW" directions="" phone="+1 202 331-3733" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-Th 3PM-2AM, F 3PM-3AM, Sa noon-3AM, Su 9PM-2AM" price="">A fratboy-ish fake Irish pub/sports bar is really a breath of fresh air in this pretentious neighborhood. The big hook here is the soccer—about 25 TV screens of it every night. Weekends are when the frat-boy ethos can start to get tiresome, unless you really like the crowded, drunken, yuppie-college bar scene. $3 beers during happy hour (44PM-8pm8PM).</drink> * <drink name="One Lounge" alt="" address="1606 20th St NW" directions="" phone="+1 202 299-0909" email="" fax="" url="" hours="Su-Th 5PM-2AM, F-Sa 5PM-3AM" price="">This address, despite being just off the circle, has a doomed reputation—not one business has had long term success here. One can only hope that One Lounge proves an exception, because it has the best drinks in the area bar none. The small portions of gourmet food are also very welcome, and it is a comfortable, fashionable, and usually not-too-noisy space to have some good late night conversation.</drink>
* <drink name="Russia House Restaurant and Lounge" alt="" address="1800 Connecticut Ave NW" directions="" phone="+1 202 234-9433" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-Th 5PM-midnight, F 5PM-2AM, Sa 6PM-2AM; Restaurant closes M-F 10PM, Sa-Su 11PM" price="Baltika/Švyturys Beer: $7; Vodka: $10, Martini: $16">Serves traditional Russian fare and vodka, with more than 30 vodkas to choose from. The vodka bar is the main draw, full of ex-pats and Russophiles talking all things Russia, while the restaurant is a bit of an afterthought. Live music W-Th. Owned by D.C. native Aaron McGovern and Lithuanian Arturas "Jeepo" Vorobjovas. Hockey player Alex Ovechkin has been spotted here several times.</drink>
* <sleep name="American Guest House" alt="" address="2005 Columbia Road NW" directions="" phone="202-588-1180 " fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$119-400"> A fine bed and breakfast near the heart of DuPont circle, offering gourmet breakfast and free WiFi. Conveniently located in a safe Northwest Washington neighborhood and close to the metro. Convenient to The White House (1.5. mi), The National Zoo, The National Mall and all its monuments, Capitol Hill and many acclaimed museums and galleries.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Beacon Hotel and Corporate Quarters" alt="" address="1615 Rhode Island Ave NW" directions="" phone="+1 202 296-2100" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$150-260">Contemporary design, cosmopolitan style hotel with upscale suites. New York-inspired studio suites and upscale turret suites also available. Ask for a room on the upper floors. Views of the White House and the Mall from the rooftop bar are spectacular.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Embassy Circle Guest House" alt="" address="2224 R St NW" directions="" phone="+1 800 232-774" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$200-280">If you want to stay on Embassy Row, this B&B is the place to do it. The building, surrounded by embassies, is itself a former embassy, housed in a historically restored mansion. The rooms are lovely, the hosts are veteran charmers with an affinity for Persian rugs, and overall this place gets more consistently favorable reviews than pretty much anywhere else in the city. If you like the artwork, nearly all of it is original work by guests!</sleep>
* <sleep name="The Fairfax at Embassy Row" alt="" address="2100 Massachusetts Ave NW" directions="" phone="+1 202 293-2100" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$200-280" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Since 1927, The Fairfax has been home to many distinguished travelers including congressman, senators, and ambassadors who made the hotel their permanent residence. Prominent tenants included Mrs Henry Cabot Lodge, Admiral and Mrs Chester William Nimitz, and Senator John McClellan. A young George H Bush and his parents as well as Senator and Mrs Prescott Bush also made The Fairfax their home when in town. 259 guest rooms and suites with views of Embassy Row.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Hilton Embassy Row" alt="" address="2015 Massachusetts Ave NW" directions="" phone="+1 800 695-7460" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="$190-300">Hiltons are always fairly upscale and nice in the same way, so you should know what to expect of this large hotel before arriving. One standout feature (aside from the great location) is the rooftop pool, open Memorial Day–Labor Day, which offers non-guests day passes, usually for $10.</sleep>
To get free WiFi in Dupont Circle, you basically just have to open your computer—everyone has it, and not everyone has password protection. Furthermore, many neighborhood shops, cafes, and restaurants offer wireless—the coffee shops and frozen yogurt listed above will give it to you for free, and as will all the Starbucks provides wifi for a fee.
If you don't have a computer and need to access the internet, Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe (see listing above) has a single computer at the bar. Eport World is another option:
* <listing name="Eport World" alt="" directions="" address="1719 Connecticut Ave NW" phone="+1 202 232-2244" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-F 9:30AM-7PM, Sa 9:30AM-6PM, Su noon-5PM" price="30 minutes for $3, 60 minutes for $5"></listing>
==Get out==
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