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*Souvenirs: Qinhuangdao has the typical souvenirs found throughout China. Markets are filled with cheap clothes, knock off electronics, generic beauty supplies and so on. Some bargains can be found however, and most things (assuming you can find them) are less expensive in Qinhuangdao than in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai.
*Pearls: Due to the proximity to the ocean there are a host of vendors selling pearls and other goods harvested from the sea. The typical pricing for a strand of pearls is on par with what you will find in Beijing. Most of these goods do not actually come from Qinhuangdao, so the supply you find in Beijing and other cities is the exact same as what you find here.
*Seafood: If you enjoy seafood (and don't mind transporting it with you) Qinhuangdao is a great place to purchase it. During the spring months it is not uncommon to see Chinese travelers buying large boxes of fresh oysters and clams which they intend to transport back to Beijing with them on the train. If you don't care to travel with a bag full of oysters (and most of us don't), just make sure to eat your fill of them while you are in the city.
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