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[[Image:Akdamar.jpg|thumb|350px|Armenian Cathedral on Akdamar Island]]
'''Van''' (pronounced ''vahn'', like the English word ''one'') is in [[Eastern Anatolia]], [[Turkey]]. It is located on the eastern shore of Lake Van (''Van Gölü''), a salt lake which is locally known as ''Van Denizi'' (“the sea of Van”). Lake Van is the largest lake in Turkey.
Remember that most departure times are from the Otogar, a few km's out of town. Free shuttle buses run from the main ticket offices in the town centre but remember to be there at least half an hour before the scheduled departure time. As always, check details when buying the ticket.
Minibuses to [[Dogubeyazit |Doğubeyazıt]] and Yuksekova for border crossings to Iran.
There are also two buses a day to and from [[Urmia]] in Iran costing only 15 Euros.
From [[Istanbul]]’s Haydarpaşa station (on the Asian side) there are trains direct to [[Tatvan]], a town on the west side of Lake Van, two times a week, on Mondays and Fridays. This train (''Vangölü Express'') departs from Haydarpaşa at 10:55PM and calls in a number of cities and towns across Anatolia, including [[Eskişehir]], [[Ankara]], [[Kayseri]], [[Sivas]], and [[Malatya]] among others. According to the timetable all the way between Istanbul and Tatvan takes almost 40 hours (arriving in Tatvan at 2:17PM on Wednesdays and Sundays), frequent and probably long delays discluded. This is the longest (both in terms of miles traveled and time spent inside the train) non-international train journey in Turkey and gives a through panorama of almost all regions of inland Turkey. [[Inter Rail]] pass is accepted in this train. Once arrived in Tatvan, you can take the ferry which crosses the lake to Van.
International train from [[Istanbul]] to [[Tehran]] (''Trans-Asia Express'') calls in Van once per week(on Thursday evening, around 10pm, as of April 2011), see [].(note that this link is not up-to-date as of April 2011, despite being the official website, the Van-Tabriz train leaves Van on Tuesday evening, not Wednesday)
Apart from ''Trans-Asia'', there is also another international train service once a week (one on Tuesday evening as of the days which Trans-Asia doesn’t callApril 2011) between Van station and [[Tabriz]] in NW Iran.
===By plane===
There is an airport ('''Van Airport''') located about 5-10 km away from the city. There are flights from [[Istanbul]], [[Izmir]], [[Ankara]] and [[Antalya]].
Outside the airport there are taxis to the city costing 20 YTL, but you can also walk 10 minutes for the main road where dolmuses stop and take you to the city only for 1 YTL. A new bus run by the municipality now serves the security entrance to the airport (past the taxis and towards the main road). To get to the airport from the city centre, dolmuses marked Hava Alani leave nearby Hotel Akdamar (Kazim Karabekir Caddesi). Drive takes about 15 minutes, making weird detour becouse of the major roadworks.
===By boat===
There is a ferry line in the Lake Van, between [[Tatvan]] on the western shoreline and Van on the eastern shoreline. The ferry going to Tatvan was only at 9 or so PMleaves three times a day, morning, noon and evening, though departure times are not fixed. 5TL. Maybe more in the summer? It takes four hours to cross the lake.
==Get around==
*The '''castle''' , located on a high hill towards the waterfront from the town with great vistas over the town and the lake. Take a Dolmus to ''Kale''; if you walk to and around the first small building you reach on the road you can find a path up behind it, otherwise go through the official entrance further down to road towards the water and pay the fee. *The ancient Armenian church ('''Ahtamar''' or '''Akdamar''') on a small island in Lake Van is beautiful, the church has recently been re-opened after an extensive restoration, making its impressive frescoes possible to see. Price of the boat ride is fixed at 7.50 TL per person for a return (don't have to take the same boat back, just take as long as you want on the island) and 3TL for entry to the site. Private boat costs 100 TL. A dolmus, signed ''Gevas / Akdamar'', from the minibus otogar in the north end of Cumhuriyet Cd, to the boat dock which lies 50 km west of the city costs 5 TL. * The old city of '''Tuşpa''' a few kilometres west of the city.
*==Talk==Local people mainly speak [[Kurdish phrasebook|Kurdish]]. The ancient Armenian church ('''Ahtamar''' or '''Akdamar''') on a small island in Lake Van is beautifulnational language, the church has recently been re-opened after an extensive restoration[[Turkish phrasebook|Turkish]], making its impressive frescoes possible to seeis also very common. The price of People, especially the boat ride varies (30 YTL in total if less than 12 peopleyoung generation, 2understand some basic English.5 YTL pp if Do not expect more than 12 people). Buses and taxis are available to drop you at the boat dock which lies 50 km west of the city.
*<buy name="Urartu Halı" alt="handmade carpet " address="Van edremit yolu" directions="5 miles after van airport" phone="+904322179765" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">If you like to see beautiful handmade carpets and kilims
you must stop for free presentation.</buy>
Plenty of hotels around the northern end of the bazaar. * '''<sleep name="Hotel Emre" alt="" address="PTT Caddesi" directions="One street west of the main drag of Cumhuriyet Caddesi, one block north of Hotel Aslan''' Yakut" phone="0544 497 47 46" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="30-40 TL per person" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">A simple hotel with trivial hot showers in the middle of morning. A little noisy outside during the bazaarday, but night is clean silent and has friendly with decent staff. A double room No breakfast and no English, but the location is near everything and it's by far the best budget option after the earthquake.</sleep> * <sleep name="Hotel Ipek" alt="" address="Cumhuriyet Cad. 1. Sokak No: 3" directions="Close to the big downtown mosque, around the corner from the old Hotel Aslan" phone="0432 216 30 33" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="single without/with TV costs 14 YTL and shower 25 / 30 TL" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Simple basic hotel, a double bit noisy but with enfriendly staff. No breakfast.</sleep> * '''Hotel Asur''' beside the tourist office, offers clean rooms with attached bathroom. Single 60-suite bathroom costs 30 YTL80 TL, Double 110 TL including breakfast. The staff speak English and are very helpful.
* '''Hotel Asur''' beside the tourist office, offers clean rooms with attached bathroom. Single 20-25 YTL including breakfast. The staff speak English and are very helpful.*<sleep name="Otel Bahar" alt="" address="Ordu Caddesi, Carsi Polis Karakolu Ustu" directions="east of Cumhuriyet, near the big green mosque" phone="0539 729 6838" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="50 60 TL for double room ensuite" lat="" long="">In a town with few budget options, this place delivers. Clean, spacious rooms, nice views of the green mosque on the upper floors, central location, good breakfast and free wi-fi. </sleep>*<sleep name="Merit Sahmaran Hotel" alt="4 star Hotel" address="Yeniköy mevkii. Sahil cad.12 KM. No:60 Edremit VAN" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Merit Sahmaran Hotel is 4 star hotel near the Van Lake</sleep>*<sleep name="Hotel Sehrivan" alt="" address="Just off Sihke Cd" directions="Just to the south of the mosque in the main bazaar, Lat Long 38.503404,43.394006" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Twin 40 TL" lat="38.503404" long="43.394006">Clean rooms, only 40 TL for a twin single. Very fast wifi access. No breakfast at that price. </sleep>

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